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Easy & Effective Content Creation

content creationI work with many small business owners and the one common thread from business to business is that they are busy! You focus on your core business, delegate what you can but there still ends up being tasks that you just can’t seem to have someone else do for you. One of these tasks is content creation. Content creation? Yes, I’m talking about blog posts, website content, reports, articles, marketing material. Anything where you have to come up with copy for any medium.

If you’re like most business owners you carve out a little time, create a brain dump on paper, review it a little bit, then call it good and get it published. I know for my own content creation once I’m done with a blog post or article, I don’t really like going back to the beginning to review, rewrite, and create multiple drafts to get to a concise final draft. In this way content suffers because for all intents and purposes, it’s not professionally written.

You have a better option! We have professional writers that work with our company for any copy you might need. We specialize in blog posts, articles, and website content creation or rewriting but we have writers with experience doing most anything. The advantages are that you get professionally written content that not only is an easy read but it’s captivating and focused. How does the writer know what to write about? Read on…

You provide the writer with topics, the medium (i.e. website, article, blog), provide them with 5 bullet points on each topic, provide any other references you think might help out, and the writer goes to work! Not only do they create the 100% original content but they do the research. They take your bullet points and ideas, fill the subjects in with additional research, then create your content. You then get to review the content, provide feedback, and receive the final drafts.

There is a better way to create content that doesn’t need to take all of your time. Professional content not only keeps your visitors and clients reading but it will lead to more sales. I’m always amazed at the content that the professional writers and ghost writers created. This is another part of your business that you can delegate so you can continue working ON your business instead of working IN it.

Jared Pomranky

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Keith Davis

on April 29th, 2010 reply

Hi Jared
Came over from “The Spotters” website, wondered what you were blogging about.
Content creation sounds like a win win situation – the busy business owner can run his business and you write him great copy.
Now why didn’t I think of that? LOL

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