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Creative Ways to Provide Value to Customers Through Your Blog

Blogs have long been recognized as beneficial tools for building a brand online. In a competitive marketplace, they provide a cost-effective route to reaching a wide variety of consumers and adding a personalized touch to important content.

The question isn’t so much about the effectiveness of blogs. Instead, it’s about how they can provide even more value to customers. Ultimately, it takes a healthy dose of creativity and motivation to pull it off, but it’s a goal that’s well worth pursuing.

Highlight Inspirational People

Humans have an innate need to connect with others. Yes, filling a blog with important and meaningful content works, but sometimes, a human interest story about how a brand has affected someone positively is more powerful.

Proof that your brand makes a difference in peoples’ lives can be documented through authentic testimonials sprinkled throughout a blog. This strategy not only adds value to the messages that you’re highlighting, but it can also humanize your brand in a way that more closely connects with customers.

Post Regularly to Keep Interaction Strong

Committing to regular, customized blogging will make your marketing efforts far less of a strategy and more of meaningful interaction with your customers.

Let them know that you’re thinking of them first by closely monitoring posts that are receiving a lot of traffic and following up accordingly. This helps to keep your blog content fresh, intriguing, and very much in line with customer interests! It takes a ton of creativity to fuel a process that keeps customers coming back for more each week.

Act like a News Channel and Commit to Breaking News-Inspired Posts

Take a tip from your local news experts and utilize your blog as a breaking news platform for your business. Whether it’s a product release, upcoming event, or exciting industry revelation, make it a read-all-about-it moment. Being timely and enthusiastic with your announcements adds thrill, value, and appeal to what you have to offer your customers.

Include a Diverse Lineup of Perspectives and Responses

Great bloggers know that the same topic can be approached from a variety of angles. They also know that blogs can land in front of a variety of potential customers. Both are ingredients for great conversation.

Adding value to a blog begins with incorporating interesting and perhaps even opposing views on a topic that’s important to your target audience. Not only does this technique stir up conversation amongst readers, but it also opens up the opportunity to let them respond accordingly.

Yes, you’re opening up the floodgates for opinions to roll in, which takes courage, but active participation is truly the key to building customer loyalty. Consider linking a blog to a future live Q&A session that’s hosted by brand and subject experts or provide access to a forum that’s specific to the conversation at hand.

Readers will inevitably love the opportunity to weigh in. You’ll have a clear and accurate record of how your customers feel, which will help you to tailor your business to what they’re looking for in the future.

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