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Could Your Site Survive Without SEO?

These days more and more people are seriously clued up about SEO. If you’ve got a website, you probably know a little about the subject, and even if you don’t, SEO is a term that is sliding into the consciousness of the world. Of course, it’s still a slightly meaningless term to some, but with so many more people being tech savvy these days, it’s only a matter of time before the term SEO is a household term.

Familiarity breeds contempt of course. We’ve gone from a world wide web that was ably navigated by a small proportion of web savvy individuals, to a space in time where everyone thinks they are an expert. The more people know about SEO, the more people think they don’t need an SEO guy to look after their site. Sure, sometimes that might be true, but more often than not, it’s not the case. The unfortunate fact is that when most website owners take it upon themselves to deal with the optimization of their own website, it ceases to be a website which is search engine optimized!

The truth is, SEO is a difficult game to keep on top of, and any decent SEO expert will be the first to admit this. Things change all of the time, and keeping up with the latest changes to the world of SEO is a full time job in itself. It’s hard enough for the best of us to make sure we are up to speed with the light and shade of SEO, but for someone who is trying to run as business it is nigh on impossible!

So finding out whether your site can survive without SEO can probably be discovered by trying to take on the SEO yourself! There’s no doubt that there are plenty of website owners out there who would make a pretty good stab of dealing with things for a while, but once goalposts change, and SEO changes with them, you might find that you are one step behind the competition.

If you value your website, and you are happy to concede that you aren’t the fountain of all knowledge when it comes to your site and the way it works best, then the best advice is to stick with your trusty old SEO guru. It might sometimes be hard to see what they are doing, but don’t let that fool you! They’re always tinkering in the background, searching out new relationships, spreading the love, and generally making things happen for your site. What’s more, the moment something changes in the world of SEO, the chances are they know about it about 3.5 nano seconds after the event! Good SEO guys have their ears to the ground, their finger on the pulse and their eye on the game. Let them worry about an ever changing and largely invisible world while you do what you do best.

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