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Articles vs Blogs – Are They the Same?

Whatever product, service or personal reason you have to create a website, it all starts at one point. Great content. Without great content, it is difficult to stand apart from the crowd. This is especially true with business websites. How will you provide information to your readers and let them know that you’re an authority on the subject (product or service)?

Two great mediums for adding fresh content to your site is through writing articles and blogs. While many people use these interchangeably, there are some important differences. Adding content in the form of a blog or article is important because it informs your readers and, if done right, it can help give the website a position of authority.

Depending on your particular website and its mission will help you decide whether you should write blogs and/or articles. Either way, just know that you are able to use both blogs and articles to boost your SEO and provide great content to your readers.

The Difference Between Articles & Blogs
Although there is technically a difference between writing an article and writing a blog, know that these lines are often crossed by those who are not fully aware of these differences.


  • Articles can vary greatly in their length, usually consisting of anywhere between 500 and 2,000 (or more!) words.
  • Articles are often meant to inform and are more formal in their construction.
  • Articles are detailed, informative, and fact-based.


  • Blogs are shorter and are usually 200 – 500 words in length.
  • Blogs are more casual and provide a great way to personally connect with website readers.
  • Blogs provide a personal, inside point of view.
  • Blogs are (expected to be) updated more frequently than articles.

Should I Use Both?
Adding both articles and blogs to your website is a really great idea! This way you are not only providing small, snippets of information to those who are looking for specific information in a nice, neat and compacted form, you are also giving the high-quality information on specific topics that many people are looking for in a full-blown article.

If you do decide to write both, put links in your blogs so that if people want to read the full story that’s in the article, they can easily do so. (Linking your pages together is also good for SEO)

Need To Know
When deciding to write an article, be sure that it contains all the quality information that visitors are looking for! Don’t try to make a small article longer by adding in more fluff (extra keywords, further info that has no bearing, too much repetition) as your readers will recognize this, and if they are like the majority of people who come across a fluff article, they will stop reading as they come to realize that they aren’t truly getting the quality information they were initially looking for.

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