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5 Tips to Help You Compete in Google and Facebook Ads

You can reach a lot of eyeballs when you utilize platforms like Google and Facebook for PPC advertising.  That said, you’re not the only one playing the game, and you’re going to face significant competition when it comes to attracting the right audience and generating click-through and other conversions.

How can you make the most of your PPC campaigns and see the best return on investment?  Here are a few simple tips to help you compete in Google and Facebook ads and get the most bang for your buck.

Set Objectives

What are you trying to accomplish with your PPC ads?  Are you looking to raise brand or product awareness and increase your reach to attract a new audience?  Perhaps your goal is to increase click-through in order to gain the opportunity to present a more complete picture of your company or your goods.

Maybe you have one or more conversions in mind as your end goal.  Likely, there are several objectives you wish to accomplish, but some are probably higher on your list of priorities.  This will impact the type of campaign you launch and the choices you make, so it’s important to start with clear-cut goals so you can proceed with planning your PPC campaigns appropriately.

Understand Your Options

The number of options to personalize your PPC campaigns is truly incredible, but it can also be somewhat daunting.  The tendency is to find one set of parameters that works and stick with it, but this isn’t necessarily your best strategy.

As goals and trends change, so, too, must your strategy.  You have to be able to tweak your campaigns to account for missteps and take advantage of opportunities.  This requires a thorough understanding of the options available to you, so you can adjust on the fly to achieve targeted results.

Embrace Negative Space

If you’re a fan of Pandora, you know the best way to hone the perfect station is through down-voting songs you don’t want, rather than up-voting the ones you like (encouraging the addition of similar songs).  In some cases, focusing on the negative can produce positive results.

The same basic principle applies to Google ads, in a way.  It’s true that you have to do constant research to find the positive keywords that will ensure relevant ads.

However, you can’t afford to ignore the role that negative keywords play in further narrowing your target audience.  It’s just as important to avoid getting found for non-relevant searches as it is to be found for relevant ones if you want your PPC ads to deliver optimal outcomes.

Balance Reach and Relevance

A strong keyword strategy is a critical part of any PPC campaign, but finding the right keywords requires more than tracking trending words and phrases.  You have to think about the best way to maximize your marketing budget, and this means considering the relevance of keywords and what kind of reach they’re likely to deliver.  Striking a balance here helps you to reach your goals without overspending.

Be Succinct

Different approaches are required to optimize results for different platforms, but one thing you should always try to do is create ads that fit available space and convey your message succinctly.  Always screen ads for different platforms to make sure your messaging is clear, prominent, and fully displayed to make the best impression and compel desired actions.

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