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5 Essential Copywriting Tips to Make Your Content Go Viral

We all know viral content has a special something that pops and sizzles in the imagination. What is it? Turns out it’s both an art and science. It’s both the magic and the ordinary. And yes, it’s both inspiration and part perspiration. Though some of it’s simple. A game. There are words and phrases and formulas for turning the attention to that thing, whatever that thing is, to generate traffic to your site and to get people to share and talk about it. An internet marketing consultant like Next Level Technology can help you turn the attention of the browsing public to your products. The following are five strategies for writing buzz-generating content:

1. Trigger emotions
If we’re laughing or afraid or surprised or just plain-old happy, it’s likely we’re paying more attention. This the age-old evolutionary human tactic in which we focused on objects in the Serengeti that warranted our attention. Lions, for example. The more you can trigger emotions in your content–to put lions in the field of vision–the more likely you are to win the actual attention of your viewers. Viral content triggers feelings.

For example:
I could tell you, “Crunchy peanut butter is better than creamy.” I should tell you, “My child cried when I told her I bought creamy peanut butter instead of crunchy.

A child’s tears are more powerful than some guy’s opinion.

2. Use words that resonate
We perceive words like we perceive objects in our environment. Yes, words are just squiggles, little symbols on a page. But when put together they make us laugh and cry, stir our souls and lead us into action. Powerful, elegant, and beautiful words also increase conversion rates.

Certain words, like you, new, instantly, free, and because, resonate with readers and increase the potential of your copywriting to attract attention.

For example:
I could tell you “dogs are better than cats.”
I should tell you, “There are seven new reasons you need to buy a dog.”

Certain words trigger that clickable reaction far more than others.

3. Make your content credible
Customers are more likely to be confident in products and ideas that are research-backed, scientific, associated with an important university, or promoted by an industry leader. People want to be more knowledgeable, and to trust in that new knowledge.

I could tell you, “you need to sleep at least seven hours each night.” I should tell you, “Harvard neuroscientists determined that you should sleep at least seven hours each night.”

A Harvard study turns heads (almost) as fast as a supermodel.

4. Tell a story
According to sociologist Brene Brown, “stories are just data with a soul.” If you want to make your events come alive and resonate with your audience, give it a story. Inevitably, stories also trigger emotion.

I could tell you, “I have a gold watch.” I should tell you, “When my great-grandfather was eighteen, his father gave him a gold watch and a green suit and a one-way ticket from Scotland to America. This is the gold watch.”

The great-grandfather’s story is the soul that separates this gold watch from all the other gold watches lying around.

5. Use automation
Lastly, while you might lose some virality from automated services, they are a good way to generate headlines with keywords in unique combinations. We look for the new, the different, and the surprising. With Portent’s Content Idea Generator, for example, you just plug in the subject you blog about, and it comes up with new, different and surprising angles to that story.

I could title this article “Copywriting tips to make your content go viral.” I should title it, per the Idea Generator, “Doing Viral Content the Right Way.”

Allow tech-tricks to augment your imagination.

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