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4 Ways to Make Your PPC Budget Go Further

So far, this year has delivered big changes to the Google algorithm and to Google Adwords and there are fresh opportunities for marketers and advertisers to make their budgets go further so that you’re they’re wasting valuable time or money with their ads. Here are four ways to do it with your PPC campaigns:

1. Put Your Keyword In Your Headline
Instead of putting the keyword you’re targeting into the copy of the ad, be bold and put it in the headline. In this A/B test, the same ad targeting the same group with one ad using the keyword in the headline and one not using the keyword in the headline outperformed the former by 233.9%. What a simple way to increase the chances that the people you’re targeting click through on your ad.

With longer headlines to work with, it’s easy to figure out how to work in the keyword you’re targeting into your AdWords headlines instead of the description.

2. Block Searchers Who Have Already Made An Inquiry
Especially if these searchers did not convert and they’ve already arrived at your site just to leave again, why spend more ad dollars on them? It just doesn’t make sense. Take those people out of the equation. No point in beating a dead horse.

Also, if you don’t block those individuals, you run the risk of marketing to them too much and turning them off from becoming customers. How can you block these people easily? Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RSLA) is the way to go. It is absolutely worth it to save some of your valuable PPC budget and get the traffic you’re going after.

3. Focus On Negative Keywords
When it comes to saving on your PPC budget, it’s just as important to know who not to target as it is to know who to target. Eliminate reaching people who are not in your target audience by identifying negative keywords. If your ads are showing up to searchers who are not likely to need or want the information on your site on your product, you’re wasting the cost of a click. It’s as simple as that.

It also helps improve your quality score instilling trust in your advertisements and your brand by search engines and visitors alike. You absolutely have to put just as much energy into your negative keyword strategy as you do with any other element of your keyword strategy.

4. Focus on Time and Location
In terms of location, especially if you’re a local business, it’s important to have your location targeting strategy in order. If your ad is showing to people outside of the area that you operate in, you’ve just wasted more valuable PPC clicks. Be specific and don’t take chances.

In terms of time, scheduled ads are a great way to go. If you already know when your audience typically converts, schedule your PPC ads to run at those times. Here’s another added bonus to scheduling – dayparting allows you to set it and forget it instead of constantly having to monitor your PPC campaigns.

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