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4 Reasons Why Your Website Isn’t Ranking (and How to Solve It)

Website rankings provide transparency into the amount of traffic flowing through specific pages. These metrics are important because they give businesses and marketing agencies insight into how they can improve the performance of their brand strategies.

Data analytics and comprehensive testing platforms give businesses powerful tools for creating strategic growth. If your website isn’t ranking, it may be the result of one or more issues, including limited backlinks, poor user experience, outdated content, or a lack of proper audits.

1. Not Enough Backlinks

Our modern understanding of the web is built off of backlinks. The ability for search engines to search for and rank websites is largely dependent on the number and quality of backlinks that are embedded within each page.

Inbound links connect your website with the rest of the internet. You must reach out, communicate, and promote your content to get noticed. The use of internal and external linking will give your website greater coverage and improve your ranking overall.

2. Bad User Experience

Poor user experiences can harm your website’s ranking. If users aren’t coming back to your site due to outdated or sloppy website design or low loading speeds, you might need to address some of these underlying issues.

When your website is creating a bad user experience, then you need to consider targeting and reworking specific components.

Make sure your web page provides users with fast, well-designed, and on-point content to effectively communicate your message and brand. The use of better design practices to create modern UIs and mobile-ready content is essential for a higher ranking.

3. Outdated Content

Users are always looking for the most current and relevant content. If your website’s content isn’t up to date, you could be unintentionally turning away valuable traffic. Quality content and optimized SEO with relevant keywords will have a huge impact on your website’s ranking.

Continuously evaluate content to maintain relevance, create a review process to ensure content is current, or outsource content creation to save time. Web articles that are focused and clearly address your organization’s current and future goals will draw more users and increase traffic.

4. Improper Audits

One of the biggest reasons any website’s rankings are low is because the maintainers are not performing proper audits. Web audits offer vital insights into the metrics of a website’s traffic flow so that pages and content can be streamlined.

You can use audits to improve your website by addressing the specific areas that need optimization. By collecting, processing, and evaluating important data, you can improve the experiences of visitors, generate more traffic, and boost your rankings.

Improve Your Website’s Ranking with Net Profit Marketing

If you feel your website is underperforming for any reason, Net Profit Marketing is here to help you address the underlying issue. We help businesses with web design, SEO, and PPC/SEM.

Net Profit Marketing maximizes website performance. If you have a project in mind or want to improve your current project’s rankings, Net Profit Marketing creates results.

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