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4 Reasons Why Your Site Needs to Run a CRO Audit

Are you failing to see the website sales you were hoping for? If so, you might benefit from a CRO audit. Otherwise known as a conversion rate optimization audit, a CRO audit involves a complete evaluation of your website and other advertising channels to find ways to improve your conversion rates. Here are a few reasons a CRO audit may benefit you.

1. Your Conversion Rates Are Low

Low conversion rates can result from several issues with your website, including poor loading speed, an ineffective content strategy, or a check-out process that’s too complex.

A comprehensive CRO audit can determine the source of your issues, providing you with tips to enhance the user experience and drive traffic. These strategies in turn ultimately lead to more conversions. Once you know what factors are driving your low conversion rates, it’s easier to address them.

2. You Don’t Understand Your Audience

Sometimes, companies fail to understand who their real customers are. They may think their audience fits a particular demographic or exhibits specific buying behaviors when that’s not the case.

If you don’t understand your audience and why they buy from you, you’ll never see the conversions you aim for. All your efforts (and marketing money) will therefore go to waste.

To learn more about your audience, examine the qualities of your followers on social media and people who recently purchased from you. Do they share certain factors, like age or income level? Do they live in a specific region?

Once you know your audience, you can better target your marketing efforts to reach them. A solid CRO audit can help you reach that goal.

3. Customers Tend to Add Items to Their Shopping Cart, Then Leave Your Site

Abandoned shopping carts can be highly discouraging to business owners. However, there’s usually a reason why customers abandon their carts, and it may be completely fixable.

A comprehensive CRO audit can identify what keeps your customers from finalizing their purchases. For instance, you may require too much information from your clients to buy what they want, such as the need to create an account on your website. 

High shipping costs can also cause a client to leave their cart behind. Customers will abandon your storefront for your competitors if your delivery times and shipping fees are uncompetitive.

4. No One Follows You on Social Media

Do your social media accounts lack engagement such as likes and shares? While social media can be a tremendous way to boost your brand and generate awareness, you won’t see the results you’re looking for if your posts are boring and don’t excite your target audience.

A CRO audit will examine your social media strategy and provide unique ways to build your online presence. Following the suggested tips will make it easier to attract followers organically and increase traffic to your website.

Net Profit Marketing Can Give Your Website the Royal CRO Treatment

Net Profit Marketing provides CRO audits for companies that are failing to see the conversions they’re aiming for. Contact us today to arrange a consultation. After implementing our techniques, you’ll see your con

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