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4 Lead Magnet Ideas to Help Grow Your Email List

If you have an email list, odds are you want to grow it as quickly as possible. Lead magnets are likely the most useful tool to help accomplish this goal, as they offer incentives to those who sign up for the list. What’s more, link magnets create an instant rapport between you and potential subscribers, and can be a fun and exciting means of engagement for both parties.

Lead magnets are important because most potential subscribers visit your landing page then leave without providing any information. Lead magnets entice them to share their email address with you by providing them with information they could potentially benefit from. However, the problem with lead magnets lies in how to use them effectively and strategically. Fortunately, many of these strategies are relatively simple and easy to implement. Here to give you some ideas is a list of four lead magnet options to assist you with growing your email list.

1. Offer Premium Blog Posts

Offering potential subscribers a more extensive version of a blog post is one way of offering this incentive. To effectively implement this strategy, review your Google Analytics and identify your most popular posts. From there, create premium versions of these posts. Once that is complete, include a link/capture form at the bottom of the post with either a PDF rendering of the post or other premium content that will become available after they submit the form.

2. Password-Protected Private Pages

Implementing a password-protected page is both easy and incentivizing. This can be accomplished as easily as creating a page in WordPress, password-protecting it, then publishing it. This builds an air of intrigue around the page and persuades users to join your list.

3. Utilize Videos

Videos are highly effective lead magnets. Like password-protected private pages, videos create an air of intrigue, as potential leads will see the window and feel inclined to watch it. However, they will not be able to engage with any content until they provide you with their email address. After this is done, they will be provided with a password that will subsequently unlock the video and allow them to view the content.

4. Offer eCourses

Many veteran marketers attest that eCourses are among their favorite lead magnets. This is because they create a Pavlovian link between your email content and the idea of significance. Implanting this idea in your subscribers’ heads is much more effective than simply sending them a password to unlock content because it enables you to continually engage with them, whereas sending them a password does not necessarily ensure consistent engagement. For example, what if you send someone a password, they acquire the content, then unsubscribe? With an eCourse, content is delivered incrementally, over a period of several days. This means that users must read your emails if they want access to the content. Consequently, this gets them in the habit of checking your emails and successfully accomplishes your goal of growing your email list and maintaining a steady stream of subscribers.

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