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3 Unbeatable Benefits of Multichannel Marketing


The chances are that your customers enter your sales funnels through a variety of entry points. That is the result of multichannel marketing. You engage in several methods of reaching your target audience, and that creates several channels of engagement.

Multichannel marketing is undeniably the best approach to increasing your reach, engaging your target audience, and earning the best possible marketing return on investment. This article looks at 3 unbeatable benefits of multichannel marketing.

What Is Multichannel Marketing?

Brands that use multichannel marketing interact with audience members through many different channels. These might include:

  • Social Media
  • Email
  • Messaging
  • Blogs
  • Websites
  • In-store marketing
  • Paid advertising
  • Influencer marketing

Most brands will choose the specific combination of channels they use based on their marketing goals. The most important takeaway here isn’t that there are multiple channels but that each channel works well with the others.

So what are the benefits of multichannel marketing?

1. Removing Friction from the Customer Journey

There is no guarantee that a customer who starts engaging with your brand through one channel will always use that channel. As they progress through the buyer’s journey, you must be prepared to pick up where you left off, even as they switch back and forth between the channels you use.

For example, a customer might view an ad you ran on social media, send a message on your Facebook page to ask a question, then head to your local store to shop for the product in person.

When they make a purchase, they’ll ask the sales clerk about the discount mentioned in that ad they saw on social media. Without multichannel marketing, this level of communication and coordination between channels wouldn’t exist.

2. Retargeting and Reengaging with Ease

A customer might show an initial interest in your brand or a product you offer. They may even go as far as placing items in their shopping cart as they visit your website. Then, they disengage.

This disengagement happens for a variety of reasons ranging from frustration to simple distraction. Fortunately, you can use multichannel marketing to retarget and reengage. For example, you can use email to remind customers they have items pending in their shopping cart along with a special offer if they complete their purchase quickly.

3. Improving Reach and Retention

If your focus is only on one or two channels, you might lose your ability to reach target customers if they change their preferred channel. You could also be losing out on opportunities to acquire new customers by neglecting popular channels for outreach.

With a solid plan for cross-channel marketing, you are prepared to meet customers where they are and wherever they go.

Coordinate Channels with Net Profit Marketing

The team at Net Profit Marketing knows that each customer takes a different path to conversion. That’s why we have built a collective skill set that allows us to help you maximize your use of each channel and ensure that each point of customer contact works cooperatively with one another.

Our expertise ranges from paid advertising to web design and everything in between. Reach out to us today to discuss your marketing goals.

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