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4 SEO Advantages of Video Transcription and Captioning

While most brands agree that leveraging the power of video marketing is non-optional, one area that marketers differ on is the use of captioning and video transcription. Some organizations find that captioning introduces an additional unwanted expense, while others refuse to release a video without transcription capability.

But there are more benefits to adding transcription and captioning than just meeting accessibility needs (which is reason enough that you should consider leveraging them).  You might be surprised to learn that you can increase your viewer count and user engagement by adding captions to your video content. Here’s how.

  1. Rank Higher in Search Results

If you want your videos to rank highly in search results, adding closed captions can make a big difference. Since closed captions rely on a text file uploaded with your video, search engine bots will crawl these text files and analyze the content. This can be a great opportunity to include keywords that search engines can take into account when ranking your content, so plan out your videos in advance and follow it up by captioning them appropriately.

  1. Better User Engagement

Contrary to popular opinion, closed captions aren’t just used by people who are deaf or hard of hearing. Many people take advantage of captions when playing videos in areas where they can’t listen to the sound, such as the office or a public space.

Some people simply prefer closed captions so they don’t miss any critical words that might be unclear or muted in the video. Others might not speak English as their first language, so captions help ensure they understand the video’s content. By providing these captions and meeting their needs, you will increase your percentage view duration and boost your SEO.

  1. Adjust Transcripts for Keyword Strategy

While it’s better to plan your videos in advance to leverage certain keywords, your transcript doesn’t necessarily have to match the words said in the video exactly. Therefore, if you need to adjust certain words in the captioning to fit your SEO keyword strategy, you can do so without fear of penalization from the search engines.

For instance, perhaps you have a video that discusses the best cold-weather parkas to wear skiing. One of your keywords for SEO is “insulated and waterproof,” but the speaker in the video states that a parka keeps you warm in cold weather. With that in mind, you can expand your transcript to note that the parka is insulated and waterproof, keeping you warm in cold weather.

  1. Use the Transcript for Other Content

Another benefit of transcripts is that marketers can repurpose them for other content. For example, if your video is long enough, you might have enough material for a short e-book or multiple blog posts.

Examine your transcripts to determine how to repurpose them for other audiences. Sometimes, you might find it helpful to develop a whitepaper or infographic that leverages the content you’ve already produced.

Get Assistance with Your SEO Video Strategy

Net Profit Marketing assists businesses with their SEO and digital marketing strategy. We have the tools available to transcribe your videos and find ways to reach more customers. Contact us today to find out more about our services.

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