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Why Does SEO Cost?

There’s nothing wrong with the thought of a world with free SEO – a world where we didn’t have to try to manipulate things in order to rank highly, but that world can never exist. As long as the internet is here, there are going to be people out there who have the technical expertise which will enable them to make their pages easier to find. The world is such a financial place, and here in Detroit, the success of a business is as important as it is anywhere else. Because of this, people will always spend good money on SEO. Of course, no one wants to throw good money after bad, so here are a few reasons why SEO costs money, but hopefully these reasons also justify the cost in the first place.

Firstly, there is so much competition. The people you are up against are always reinvesting the money they are making back into SEO. If you can’t put in as much money as your competitors, then you need a better strategy to keep up. Investing a similar amount of money in SEO as the person who has top spot in the search engine results pages for your key phrases won’t mean you will catch up – you will just retain the gap. Strategy could help you bridge that gap.

Every keyword is unique. You may find that some are localized while some will have e-commerce ads and some will also have bigger Adwords ads. Anyone engaging in organic search will be relying on the layout of the results page to determine their results. It is very difficult to affect some of the variables without having money to spend on it. Remember, some large companies who deal with keywords like ‘Car Insurance’, will spend huge amounts of money every year making sure that they are returning well for the phrase. This money will go into SEO, advertising, and all sorts of different marketing strategies – all of which will aid their SEO. It will drive forward their brand related searches, aids engagements, all of which Google will take into account as a signal of quality.

Really good SEO is always proactive. I should always plan for the future rather than just deal with the present. Large updates are coming through with regularity from Google these days – it’s the best SEO companies who are tackling these changes before they happen. Dealing with a penalty can be extremely difficult and extremely expensive when it comes to SEO. It’s cheaper in the long run to spend the SEO money before a penalty to ensure that you rank well through organic and well respected SEO activities.

Performance Tracking
Google actually holds back information about performance. Over the course of the last two years, Google has retained information about organic search data. This data is available to people who use Adwords, so if you use Adwords, then you have access to better performance data. Tracking performance is difficult. Because we have opaque algorithms and algorithmic updates, it’s very difficult for an SEO team to be able to be able to predict the impact of any upcoming change.
SEO is as important here in Cleveland as it is anywhere else in the States. There’s no doubt that local search plays a huge part in the success of so many companies in the Cleveland area, which is why it’s so important to employ a high quality Cleveland SEO outfit to make sure you are proactive not reactive, to make sure that you are pre-empting any algorithmic changes, and to make sure you ride high with the best of the competition for your particular niche.

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