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What’s The Best Content for Link Building?

We all know that Google is changing all the time. Here in Detroit there are so many businesses that are successful online, and that is often down to the fact that we have had to be on the ball. The great rise in spirit in our region has been in part fought online, with so many great success stories. The problem with any success story though, is that it has to continue, which means constantly evolving. Link building in the old fashioned way just doesn’t work anymore. This is what you’re going to have to do today if you want a successful link building campaign.

Create Infographics.
Provide quality information through an infographic or you might get picked up by Google. It’s already regarding poorly put together infographics as spam, so be warned. If it’s good, accurate, and useful, it’ll get picked up. Make sure you embed code with your infographic so it’s easy to link to.

Go for longer posts.
Actually try to help, and give detailed help. If the content you produce is meaningful and pushes a reader towards an action, it’s going to work for you. If your content has a use for your readers, then it’s going to help. If there’s value, it will get shared. If it’s merely interesting, it may not. Research at the University of Pennsylvania conducted research into what makes a successful viral post, and they found that long in depth posts secured more shares than shorter posts.

Be a problem solver.
Sounds obvious, but it’s amazing how few people actually do this. If you are solving problems you are so much more likely to get your content shared socially, which is obviously going to result in more links back to your site.

Write about other people.
This will always garner you more links. Write about famous people, or write about lists of books, people you admire, anything like that. Once you’ve done this, you should be linking to their individual sites, and you should ping them. You will be pleasantly surprised by just how many of them link back to you, citing you as a testimonial, or merely trying to show people how great you think they are! It’s a bit of a low swing, but it will generate links from potentially high ranking domains.

Guest posts.
Guest posts are getting a bit last year now, with so many people in SEO using them as ways to generate back links. The fact is though, that Google is still rewarding people who are doing this, so if it works, why not use it? It’s a great way to get new links. People are always receptive because it means new content for them. Everyone is a winner.

There are so many more ways to gain links, but it’s often best to leave the rest to your SEO guru. There are plenty of SEO companies in Detroit to choose from, and they will undoubtedly be able to help you to pick up far more than a few links. They can transform your online presence and help you to get on with the part of the job you were meant to be doing in the first place!

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