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What does the new Google Panda update mean for you?

Here in Detroit, we like to stay ahead of the game wherever possible. That’s a pretty tricky thing to do when you are talking about online happenings. Life moves pretty fast on the internet, so it’s no surprise that people are already talking about another Panda update from Google, even though there are few confirmations that it has actually taken place!

From what we gave seen, it seems pretty obvious to us that something happened on Friday, March 15th. Matt Cutts had already mentioned that there would likely be a rollout of the update, although Google have not come out and retrospectively said that they have done it. Of course, we can obviously expect the Panda update to be fairly minor. We have already heard that there’s every chance that Panda updates in the future will be virtually unnoticeable – it is thought that the updates in the future are just going to become part of Google’s general indexing, so there’s every chance that we won’t notice them.

So we might not spot them coming, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t affect us. Every site is affected by the way the Google algorithm works which is why we have to keep a close eye on how sites are being affected. There’s no telling exactly what each Panda update is going to affect, and ninety nine times out of one hundred, you will only ever know if your site is penalized. Of course, in this situation, you might be completely in the dark as to why you have been penalized, but your position in the rankings will tell you that something has changed.

This is where employing a local SEO company comes in. If you have got support from a Cleveland SEO company then you will already know that if an update affects the site, most SEO guys are going to be able to figure out pretty quickly what has caused the drop out. Then again, if you’ve got a decent SEO team working for you, the chances are you wouldn’t have been penalized in the first place! The best SEO teams will work alongside you to make sure your website performs as well as it can, but they will also be vigilant in the case of a drop in rankings. There is always going to be an ebb and flow to the rankings, but if there’s a sudden change which remains for a few days, then you can guess that you have been hit by an update. This is where your SEO team earns its corn. It’s their job to work out why you have been penalized, and what they need to do to correct the problem.

So if this recent update has caused a drop in rankings for you, it’s time to start asking questions. Ask questions of your SEO team if you have one in place, and if you don’t ask yourself why not!

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