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What Are Long-Tail Keywords?

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During your quest to create high-quality SEO content, you might be on the hunt for new tricks to climb the rankings. In recent years, long-tail keywords have become a popular way of accomplishing that goal. But what exactly are long-tail keywords anyway?

Put simply, the term “long-tail keyword” refers to phrases that are roughly four to seven words long. These key phrases are longer and more specific than the generic terms that are scattered across most blogs. Long-tail keywords allow you to zero in on a niche target demographic and generate more leads.

Are Long-Tail Keywords Useful for SEO?

Yes, long-tail keywords should be an essential part of your SEO strategy. Contrary to popular belief, most search queries incorporate long-tail keywords. Modern consumers are no longer searching for generic, 2–3-word phrases. That is because these overgeneralized searches can produce results that are not relevant to the user.

Instead, many people search for services using natural language. They are searching for a specific solution to a problem that they are facing.

For instance, a user searching for AC repair services in Atlanta may enter the phrase “AC repair services in Atlanta, GA.” This would connect them with service providers that are specific to their geographical location.

What Are the Benefits of Long-Tail Keywords?

Long-tail keywords do not just benefit users. They also offer several advantages for your business. A few perks of using long-tail keywords include:

Less Competition

Since long-tail keywords are only relevant to your industry and content, they have less competition overall. This also applies to paid search campaigns.

For example, AC companies all around the country could be bidding for the phrase “AC repair” in their PPC campaigns. This drives up the cost of each bid, which means that every click takes a big chunk out of their ad budget.

When you are competing for traffic using geographically specific long-tail keywords, you are only fighting against providers in your region. This decreases ad spending waste and improves your chances of drawing in high-quality traffic.

Better Conversion Rates

Shoppers that conduct searches using long-tail keywords already have a good idea of the products or services that they need. When you incorporate these phrases into your content, you increase the chances of connecting with these users. The result is better conversion rates and more revenue.

Improved Content Visibility

Long-tail keywords also help you to boost content visibility. You can climb the search rankings more rapidly using long-tail keywords than you can when you’re using generic keywords.

Long-tail keywords are especially beneficial for brand-new websites and those that are considered to be “low authority.”

Effective SEO Services from Net Profit Marketing

Do you want to expand your online presence through the power of long-tail keywords? If so, then it is time to connect with Net Profit Marketing. Our team offers a full suite of SEO and PPC services that can help you accelerate the growth of your brand. Contact us today!

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