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Top SEO Tools for Content Writers That Come In Handy

It’s a fundamental truth that in order to boost traffic on a site you need to make a targeted copy following the exact, correct search engine optimization techniques. There are a nice bunch of handy SEO tools for content writing that you can make use of, to ease your task. Some ways these SEO tools can prove their worth are:

  • Discover the right keywords
  • Make a copy that is targeted to the audience you want to reach
  • Boosting conversions via split testing your copy to ascertain which version is the most compelling
  • Create an accurate meta data and description
  • Dig up any content that has been copied from your site

Today I’m gonna share some awesome SEO tools, a must-have for a content creator, and which can prove a big help in any web writing. These tools can come in handy in either situations: while creating content for a big corporate site, or writing a blog post.

Google’s Keyword Tool
Google’s keyword tool is a free tool ideal for keyword research. Use Google keyword tool to formulate great content writing strategies. For example, use this tool to find out the number of global and local searches for an individual keyword. Or you can use Google Keyword tool to determine competitiveness of a keyword. As a general rule look for keywords that are fairly popular, and have a low competition.

Google Insights
Want to know the search terms people type into the Google search engine? Google Insights will give it to you along with lots of other useful information. Although, Google Insights has many similarities with Google Trends, it goes one step ahead. It furnishes a visual representation of regional interest on a country’s map. Plus it renders a visual display of top searches and searches showing a rising trend. For every single search term there’s a related category displayed – to help you zero-in on the results.

Inbound Writer
If there’s a single tool that I advise should be in the armory of a SEO writer – it’s this one. It has an agile speedometer that tells your score from 1 to 100 after you put in your copy. Using the topic as a base, Inbound Writer scans the INTERNET, to analyze millions of comparable articles, posts, and info to gather the top terms for your document. There are no charges for the first 8 articles – onwards from there you have to pay.

All in One Seo Pack for WordPress
Plenty of WordPress plugins are available for SEO, in the market today – a recent addition is WordPress SEO by Yoast that carries a big reputation. But my advise is to go for All in One SEO Pack. It enables you to write metadata, title, keywords and description. Plus it’s the lone plugin that delivers SEO Integration for WP e-Commerce sites.

Copyscape is the best tool to spot duplicate content. It’s a plagiarism checker that scans to find out if someone has been pulling your content. Google frowns upon duplicate content – so you need a tool like this one to avoid being penalized for plagiarism.

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