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The 5 Most Impactful Digital Marketing Strategies

You already understand the importance of strong web design, ongoing SEO efforts, and paying attention to social media.  These are the foundations of a strong online marketing strategy.  However, you need to do more if you want the best opportunity to reach and convert your target audience.

This means engaging in marketing strategies that earn you prime placement for SERPs, grab attention, and compel click-through and other conversions.  Competition is certainly stiff, but with the right strategies, you can boost your online impact and work toward specific goals.  Here are just a few of the most impactful digital marketing strategies to employ.

Graphic/Video Elements

The internet is a visual medium, and with so much content to digest, it’s no surprise that users grow weary of reading.  If you want to add convenience and eye-catching appeal, you need to focus on visual elements to draw and hold attention while you deliver messaging.

Graphic images and video content offer ease of use, providing a wealth of information quickly and with very little effort required on the part of the viewer.  Video content is particularly engaging, and studies have shown that viewers tend to retain more information after watching a video than reading text, perhaps because video content stimulates the brain on so many levels.

Okay, so you can’t use graphic and video elements for every marketing effort, but you still need to consider the visual appeal of your content and ads.  Even adding color can make content more attractive and compelling.

Voice Search Keywords

By now, you should be familiar with the term voice search, which pertains to people using hands-free voice assistants on their mobile devices to perform search queries, rather than typing them in by hand.  This changes the language they use, and you, in turn, need to change the way you implement keyword strategies to capitalize.

Whereas someone might type in a text search for “furniture store near me”, they might ask Google, “Where can I find the best lounge chairs in Los Angeles?”  As you can see, the queries address a similar issue, but in two very different ways, and if your keywords are geared toward text search, you’re likely missing out on a growing segment of the search market.


Whether you’re targeting a small audience with ads or you’re retargeting specific customers with email, it’s always a good idea to create content that speaks as directly as possible to the person or people you’re addressing.  Use metrics to gain insights that help you create narrowly-focused ads, and as for email, be as specific as possible to grab attention and remind customers what they liked about your brand or products.

Angling for Featured Snippets

Nabbing position zero at the top of the page for relevant search queries requires you to offer the bite-sized information that search engines covet for the featured snippets section.  The trick is offering enough of a list that search users get a taste, but they have to click through to see the rest.

Focus on Customer Experience

Advertising that touted the benefits of products and services used to be enough to compete for customers, but savvy web users have more options, and you need to do more to compete these days.  Creating a compelling customer experience is about presenting an attractive design and brand identity, making the process of converting easy and intuitive, and personalizing the experience as much as possible.

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