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Let’s Talk SEO Strategy: Crying Tiers of Joy

A few months ago, when BuildMyRank and dozens of other similar networks were de-indexed by Google (translation: they don’t exist anymore as far as anyone is concerned), tens of thousands of people were devastated because the backlinks they had paid for vanished overnight. But for a lot of those people, it wasn’t just the backlinks and ranking that came with them — it was that they had no idea what else they could possibly do in order to achieve the kinds of rankings they had before.

I’m going to tell you, right now, what you can do to get your site ranked again. It’s not easy, but it’s doable. It’s about intelligently creating ‘tiers’ of content.

What’s a ‘Tier’ of Content?
You’ve probably heard the term ‘traffic funnel’ or ‘sales funnel’ before. The idea is that you have one page you want surfers to end up at, so you link that page to a whole bunch of other pages. Those pages have naturally-occurring backlinks of their own, so it creates an exponential effect where the number of roads that end in your door increases very quickly.

Content tiers are similar, but the idea here is that you own and create a few or several levels of the entire funnel. So you have:

  • One page that you want people to land on and convert at.
  • A few strong, well-made Web 2.0 properties on the subject that link to that site.
  • A couple of good blogs about the subject that link to that site.
  • Several (or several dozen) articles on top article directories that link to that site.

This is about as far as most SEO companies go, and it’s good — but it’s not top-ranking good, because you only own two tiers: the core site and the high-end content that surrounds it. You need to move out a circle. For each of those properties, blogs, and articles, you need to create:

  • Social bookmarks for everything.
  • Social media profiles for the blogs — and actually use them!
  • Directory submissions — lots of them — pointing at each.
  • RSS aggregator feeds for the blogs.
  • Spins of the main articles — maybe 20 of each — all submitted to different article directories, and all linked to the original article (not the landing page!)
  • Relevant blog and forum comments pointing at the web 2.0 properties.

That’s the third tier, and it is capable of doing what BuildMyRank used to do. If you’re in an ultra-competitive niche, you may need to move that tier up a notch and insert another layer of higher-quality content sites between them and the filler, but that’s pretty rare unless you’re chasing after weight loss or competing with big brands.

How Do I Create That Much Content?
There’s basically only one way: hire some people to do it for you. It’s a harsh truth, but unless you’re willing to work 18 hours days for weeks at a time, handcuffed to your keyboard and surviving on delivery pizza and Red Bull, you have to expect and be glad to spend a bit of money to get the kind of results that you used to from groups like BMR.

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