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Keywords: Why Do They Matter?

If you’ve worked in the world of marketing or website design in any capacity, you’ve likely heard the term “keywords” tossed around a time or two. While this word is common in digital lingo, it’s far less likely to be understood when it comes to its real value for search engine optimization (SEO).

Yes, keywords matter. Understanding why keywords matter should start by recognizing what they are. Let’s break it down.

What Are Keywords?

Keywords come in many forms, but ultimately, they’re single words or longer, more complex phrases that direct popular search engines right to your company’s website. Longer keyword phrases are more commonly referred to as long-tail keywords.

In general, keywords reflect the type of content that your website contains. Search engines like Google use that information to direct consumers your way. Keywords contribute to the location of your website on the page when a customer performs a search. Higher ranking ultimately puts your website in front of more potential customers.

Keywords Reflect What Consumers Are Searching For

Keywords are indeed great at directing search engines toward your website, but they’re also important when it comes to understanding what your target audience is searching for online. Keywords aren’t random guesses at consumer interests, but are instead snippets of well-researched terminology that’s built into content because it’s relevant to customer search trends.

Marketing specialists turn to a variety of resources when it comes to understanding which keywords are going to be the most effective based on constantly fluctuating trends. There are several programs out there that allow marketing experts to determine which keywords customers are most likely using to search for topics in a given subject or industry.

It can be just as helpful to perform a Google search of your own to determine which keywords pop up in the top rankings. A quick click on a competitor’s website can be an eye-opening experience into the ways that you can adjust your keyword strategy to keep pace.

They Can Potentially Boost Sales

The more refined your keyword strategy is, the more likely it becomes that your website will receive high-quality customers, who are authentically interested in the products you provide.

Keywords should be integrated into website content with a purpose. They’re most effective when they aren’t just there to simply lure consumers to your page, but also to grab the attention of people who are most likely to make a purchase.

They Help Companies to Focus Their Marketing Strategies and Campaigns

A lot of marketing happens online, but not all of it does. Comprehensive marketing can extend out to a variety of platforms. No matter which platform you’re on, keywords can be a good indicator of the things that need to happen in a campaign to make it more effective.

Keywords reflect what your customer base really wants. Using this data to drive your marketing plans can be a profitable move. It’s also a good strategy to use when you’re working to build a solid brand image.

Keep Quality Top of Mind

Too often, keywords are overstuffed into website content when business owners have the false impression that “more is better.” When it comes to effective keywords, quality always wins out over quantity.

Keywords matter, but only when they’re used purposefully. The most effective strategies will always be reader-friendly and focused on what customers are telling you that they need.

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