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Keyword & Competitor Analysis Reports – Why You Need Them

When you have an idea in mind for creating the very best website, the Check List can be quite long. There are domains to buy, designs to create, files to manage, email accounts to set up, and content that needs to be written to let people know who you are and what your website is all about. The key to letting people know what your website is all about? Finding and using the right keywords for your particular website is one of the first and most important things to do when it comes to preparing your website so that it is able to compete with the millions of current websites on the internet.

Using the right keywords for your website is essential for SEO, making a Keyword Report a crucial part of your internet marketing success.

Keyword Reports
The reason you need a Keyword Report is so you are able to determine which keywords are best suited to your particular business and website to bring in more traffic. Although you are encouraged to visit similar competitive websites in order to discover and evaluate what keywords they are using, be sure to come up with your own unique keywords/keyword phrases. This will help you stand out and set yourself apart from the competition. In essence, you’re creating your niche, a critical aspect of climbing your way to the top of the search engine ladder.

When you decide to order a Keyword Analysis Report, the following information is included – Keyword Discovery. Keyword Metrics. Competition Metrics. Below is just a touch of what you can expect to receive when you have access to a Keyword Analysis Report.

Customer Behavior. Find out exact keywords/phrases customers are using when they are searching for items related to your particular niche.

Competition. Learn what keywords are easier to rank due to low competition and/or high demand.

SEO Campaigns. Edit meta data, site elements, and content for improved ranking performance.

Competitor Reports
The reason for wanting a Competitor Report is so you are able to evaluate your competitors. Before starting any new business, it’s essential to know anything and everything you can about the business topic as well as who else is in your proposed field. The more informed you have about your niche, the better prepared you will be to do what it takes to get your website noticed!

When you decide to order a Competitor Analysis Report, you can expect to receive the following information:

– A list of your company’s competitors with business summaries.

– A list of your competitor strengths & weaknesses.

– Strategies they’ve utilized to achieve their objectives.

– The market outlook for your particular service and/or product.

Good To Know
Although it is possible to prepare both a Keyword and Competitive Report yourself, know that it takes a lot of work and time! If you don’t have the time to give to create these comprehensive, in-depth reports, be sure to contact us for more information. Most Keyword Reports are provided in Excel format.

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