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Can You Stay White Hat?

These days it’s more and more important to make sure the processes you use when implementing any assort of SEO fall into the White Hat category. For the uneducated, this is a catch all term for SEO practices which are deemed by the great and good as being transparent, acceptable behaviours in the eyes of the ever watchful Google. Of course, if you’re trying to run your own SEO campaign though, you might find that it’s rather difficult not to stray into dangerous waters from time to time; this post is actually all about finding white hat links, rather than avoiding Black Hat pitfalls.

The best white hat links are actually ones that have nothing to do with you. Someone finds your site, finds it useful, or thinks someone else will find it useful, and they display your link on their site purely to help others. It’s a real result when this happens, but never say that you haven’t earned it. You only get these links when you have a decent, well run site.

Guest posts. Guest posts are a great way of gaining white hat links – for now. To e honest, it’s always going to be an acceptable approach to trying to build links, but it’s pretty much universally acknowledged that everyone is doing guest posts right now. So much so, that the assumption is that Google will soon devalue links that are gained through guest posts. Make hay while the sun shines as they say.

Participate in things. Get involved in things. Most importantly, get credited for what you do online. If you can achieve this, then being credited will probably result in a link to your website. If you help others, become a problem solver, or even get involved in something like a live debate which is going to be blogged about at a later date, there’s a good chance you are going to catch some stray linking juice, which is always a good thing.

Get reblogged. Whatever you do, make sure your work is interesting. You may not even be trying particularly to be gaining links, but if you post interesting blog posts, in the end, someone is going to want to scrape that content, or even reference it, and in both scenarios there is a great chance that they will credit you as the source, with a nice link.

Get interviewed. It doesn’t matter where. The point here is that you have to approach people, ask them if they would like to interview you. Offer an opinion, and of course, the opportunity for them to create new content for their own site, and hey presto; you’ll generate a nice link back to your own site from theirs when they publish your interview.

Of course, all of these ideas are just that. Making it happen is often the most difficult pat. That’s why so many small businesses here in Detroit employ well established Detroit SEO companies to do this for them. Doing so enables you to get on with the day to day running of the site – leave the cunning, but very definitely white hat SEO work to the experts!

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