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Can Press Releases Help Your SEO?

When we talk about SEO, these days a lot of people immediately think of Social media. The first thing to say here is that it’s really a different thing. Of course, a Social media campaign will form a part of any SEO strategy, and therefore, it’s easy to allow yourself to consider it a part of SEO. People will also site backlinks and linking campaigns as being a part of an SEO strategy. Again they would be right. Finding ways to make other links point back to your site is one of the most important ways in which you can indicate that your site is good and should be highly valued by the search engines. Of course, there are lots of ways that you might go about doing this, and one of the best ways, and perhaps one of the least talked about SEO methods is Press releases.

It’s a strange on really, because press releases are something that the average Joe on the street can understand. It’s something that existed before SEO was even heard of, and is easy to understand. Of course, the SEO press release does different, but principally it is the same beast.

A Press Release will normally be informative in nature, and is great for announcing as new venture, a change in the way you do business, or a special offer that you want to promote. In other words, you really do need some new for a press release. It doesn’t even have to be the most exciting subject in the world – all that matters is that you make the press release interesting to read and original.

Once the press release has been written, it can be syndicated, which is where you start to see some value in what you are doing. Syndication potentially means your article hitting hundreds or even thousands of pages. Obviously if there’s a link embedded in the text or below the article in the author’s signature section, you have the possibility to be able to create a huge amount of backlinks in a very short space of time. The quality of the article has to be high to be picked up, and you really have to be releasing press releases weekly to see the best results, but you really can do well out of them. There are lots of sites out there to submit to. They all have slightly different criteria, but if you can create press releases that get accepted then you can help your SEO effort hugely.

Press releases really are something to talk about with your SEO Company, and if you’re not using an SEO company, then Press releases is a very good reason for making contact. It is almost as if they are the forgotten part of a standard SEO campaign, but they still have their place and can still be incredibly effective.

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