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6 Tips for Effective SEO

There are lots of organizations pushing SEO strategies that chase a lot of the ‘one percenters’ that are not going to make a huge difference to most websites. It is very important to get the big things moving in the right direction first and so here are some major areas that you should consider improving. One key point you might notice as you go through these tips that most of them will also have a positive impact on what visitors to your site will see and experience.

Quality Is King
You have probably heard this a thousand times but here it is for the one thousand and first time. High quality content is the best way to improve your page ranking, increase organic SEO and keep site visitors returning to your site in the future.

It is also easy to produce with thousands of sources of unique, interesting and relevant content that will improve your website. Good content does not go out of date quickly and builds over time. Quality content that is relevant to people that are interested in your products or services is a great basis to for an article, a blog, a press release and a social media link so it can go a long way in enhancing your SEO.

Go Outside the Page
One of the areas that can help you to reach a wider audience is to move some of your SEO efforts off your webpage. This can be done through social media sites, guest blogs, how to guides and involvement with quality outside sites. When you add this to your SEO strategy you spread your network wider and also help to create quality links back to your own website.

Are You Regular?
Social media is an interesting animal with huge audiences and a Bermuda triangle of lost marketing dollars. It is an important place to have a presence but it needs to be regularly updated and visitors that leave comments and share your posts need to be interacted with. The key ingredient for a successful social media site is regularly updating it and regularly checking it.

Keeping Up With Google
While there are other search engines Google rules the search industry and also is leading the industry in how it modifies its algorithms to improve its customers experience. The priority is providing useful relevant links to people that use its search engines. Making sure that you know the latest ways that the search engine is positively and negatively judging your web pages can help you to ensure you rank as high as possible.

Do Not Fall Prey to the Dark Side
There are literally hundreds of schemes that offer ‘low cost’ ways to boost SEO using less than savory techniques. The single common thing about all of them is that they have been targeted by the search engines and websites that have used them have been negatively affected.

When you use good techniques then you have a strong basis that will last. While in the future you may need to tweak a few things to get the most out of them they are not going to see you disappearing off the search pages.

Be Smart With Keywords
Keywords are becoming much harder to target as Google moves to make it harder to accurately get information about keywords. The clear message is to move away from becoming obsessive with keywords and concentrate on relevant, quality content. While keywords are still important at least for the immediate future it is more important than ever to avoid anything that looks at all like keyword stuffing and to look at long tail keywords in an effort to have a broader search appeal.

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