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5 Steps Every Company Should Take to Discover Who, Exactly, is Engaging with Their Brand

Savvy business owners know that merely being online today is not enough. You need to create content that gets your followers to engage with your brand.

It’ll be easy to see if you’ve created engaging content. Traffic to your blog will increase, as will the average time visitors spend on your site. Your social media followers will increase, as will the likes, shares and comments. 

These stats will only show whether your content is engaging, though, not with whom it’s resonating. To figure that out, you need to dive a little deeper.

Here are five ways you can discover who is engaging with your brand.

1. Use Demographic Data

Most social media sites offer in-depth analytics built into the platform. You don’t have to sign up for it or pay extra money. 

For example, with Facebook and Twitter, you can go to the demographics tab of your account’s analytics to see a breakdown of general categories. Here, you’ll be able to view the percentage of your followers who fit into age ranges, the number of men versus women, and in which countries your followers reside.

These pieces of data will give you a solid overview of your current audience.

2.  Use Web Traffic Data

Similar demographic data is readily available for your website. Your analytics software — which is available for free, too — will give you age, location and gender breakdown for your audience. 

Beyond this, you can see whether your website visitors are engaging with your brand. You can see which pages are getting the most traffic and which individual pieces of content are getting the most visits.

More so than simple visits, though, you should analyze the average time visitors spend on your site. A higher number suggests it’s more likely visitors are consuming your content. Again, you can break this down by page, by content and over a specific period of time.

3. Collect Emails

A simple way to collect data on your most engaged visitors is to create an email newsletter. The newsletter allows you to see who’s interested in your brand and then provides an avenue for you to reach out to them directly.

You can create a pop-up window on your homepage, create a separate form page on the site and even promo the newsletter on your social media pages. The people who willingly give their emails to you are likely among your most engaged customers.

4. Conduct a Poll

Consumers today don’t mind giving their feedback on your brand. So, why not ask them what they think of you? This tactic not only gives you another chance to see which of your followers engage the most with you; it also provides you the opportunity to make improvements based on their suggestions.

You can conduct a social media poll, post one on your website, or pose a question to your followers. Once you collect the responses, you can analyze the demographic information.

5. Test Various Types of Content

All brands can benefit from creating content, be it a video or a blog. Try both types of content, and play around with the presentation and the content itself.

Once you have posted and promoted it, you can collect the information on who has engaged with it. You will use social media and website analytics on those particular pieces of content to dive deeper. 

Do this over a sustained period, altering content and presentation to see what resonates with your followers.

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