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SEO Touch-Points during Website Design & Development

There are many things about web design & development that you might not realize unless you have had the opportunity to step into a position that allows you to oversee the implementing of SEO programs.

It is important to know how a team can work together to create a search program wherein each person’s ideas will be listened to and have an impact on the development, design, information architecture (IA) and the frame work construction.

Information Architecture Development
Sitemaps and IA are more complicated than people realize and that is part of the beauty. It is important to take into consideration the consumer research, business objectives, federal regulations, and competitive research among others.

It is important to dabble in a little of all aspects in order to get the best results. You will want to try to review the research before the website. By reviewing it, you would be able to focus on certain keyword optimizations. By conducting thorough research, you can influence your final sitemap rather leaving it all up to chance.

Copywriting and Design
Once you have determined the new sitemap, you are able to repeat your keyword research and keep it more focused than previously. When mapping out keywords you want the ability to oversee the implementation and you do not want to be doing it alone.

It is exceedingly important to gather feedback from all people involved in the program to ensure that you are able to complete with the best results. It is also important to ensure that the keywords mesh with the desire outlook of the site. Keeping lines of communication open so that you are able to gather feedback from all those involved.

It is important to teach the designers to do the a/b testing which is rewarding to all involved. It is important to not contaminate the creative juices, however sometimes you may need to make some edits during the exploring phase. This is also a place that you can begin to review the click through rates.

Development, Measurement, & Growth
Development is not a stage that you can skip, it is very important. It can be built (or redesigned) and the input of a search expert is vital to success. This is a stage that you need to be sure that everything is in order before.

The amazing feel of a completed project and a functioning strategy after such a group collaboration is the highlight of any overseers day. It is now time to report the different strategies while providing insights that can help to improve the sire over time.

Even though your first job is over it is important to remember that with everything there is room of improvement, so keep this in mind while finishing everything up with all the reporting that is needed.

It is important that an overseer is ready to nurture the search strategies as well as the development and design processes. If you use these finishing touches you will find yourself with a strong product that is ready to be tested.

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