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WordPress Websites – Great for Business

Wordpress LogoWordPress began in 2003 with the simple idea of making it easy to publishing content on the internet. Flash forward a few years later and you’ll see that wordpress went from literally having just a handful of users when they began this venture to presently being the world’s largest Content Management System (CMS). WordPress is the most popular online CMS that powers websites anywhere from a personal blog to Fortune 500 websites. WordPress has been downloaded over 32.5 million times and currently runs over 14% of the top million websites.

WordPress is classified as an open source Content Management Systems (CMS), which means it allows users to easily update and manage content on their website. The versatility and ease of use that comes with the WordPress platform is truly hard to beat.

Why WordPress?
Wordpress is currently one of the most popular CMS utilized today. What started out as a simple platform for bloggers has now expanded so that there are now a new wealth of WordPress tools that are able to give the user the ability to truly customize their website so that it not only meets, but exceeds previous expectations.

WordPress Architecture
The WordPress architecture allows developers to develop the look, feel, and functionality of a website that you want while being able to re-use functionality like adding blog posts and editing pages. This all works into having a stable website architecture that allows developers and designers to focus on the unique requirements of each business client.

WordPress Plug-ins/Tools
A plug-in is a type of application that allows you many more options for improving the functionality of your website. These plugins extend the functionality of WordPress, which allows you to easily add features to your site. Instead of having a stale website that is never updated, it’s much easier to add in easy functionality like sharing buttons, forms, and a whole host of other plugins.

WordPress Security
Wordpress is much better suited to handle security flaws then your average website. Constant development, testing, and updates by WordPress allows your website to stay up to date. These updates are released as security patches and are easily applied using the back-end admin section. Compared to other websites that are custom built from the ground up, this puts you light-years ahead with security. Other websites don’t have constant updates to the architecture to account for security, which leaves you open and vulnerable to attacks and hacking.

Bottom Line
When you have a website that’s built on the WordPress architecture, you have full control of your site content. No more waiting for a web designer to change content for you and no more feeling like you can’t change anything on your site. You can get a custom design with custom functionality on a platform that is easy to use and stays secure.

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