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What Should Your Facebook Focus Be?

As a focused online business owner who perhaps doesn’t have all the web savvy ability in the world, you’re sure to ask yourself just what you should be focusing on to try to stay ahead of the chasing pack in terms of your website presence. Of course, you are likely to have an SEO company who works on your behalf, but so many people out there do what they can to make a bit of a difference. For many company owners, this is running a Facebook profile to help supplement any success that is found through the website.

Is this a good thing? Of course it is, but there are different ways to run a Facebook account.. It’s amazing how many companies can become obsessed with Facebook ‘Likes’, and followers. There’s nothing wrong with increasing these numbers, but it’s not actually the ‘Likes’, which will help your business to grow.

When you have a thousand likes, all it really means is that you have persuaded 1000 people to click a little like button. It’s often the case that these ‘Likes’ are obtained in a less than organic way, so there’s little or no chance that these likes will have resulted in an improvement in terms of click through or auctioned behaviour on your site. You have to ask yourself whether your increased level of followers or ‘Likes’ on Facebook has resulted in ROI. If the people who ‘Like’ your page don’t see you, or share your page, it’s not any use to you at all.

Now that we have Edgerank to think of, it’s far more important for you to make sure that the content on your Facebook page is up to scratch. Edgerank more than anything else, governs the level of reach your page has in terms of your followers. If you’re doing the right things, you will have a good reach, and if you are not, then plenty of the people who have ‘Liked’, your page, won’t see you at all.

Interaction is one of the most important things to consider. Try to interact with your followers, and not just when they interact with you. Secondly, you have to make sure you are sharing quality content all of the time. If you post something that is ignored, or even worse, causes offence, there’s every chance that your next notification isn’t going to show up in someone’s news feed.

In the end everything comes down to quality content. If you are really connecting with your audience, and giving them what you want, Facebook is sophisticated enough to be able to make sure your content reaches the people who it’s meant to. By doing this, your ‘Likes’, and followers will actually have a true value to you.

Having a few thousand followers on Facebook is great, if you use them properly. If you’re not totally sure how to make the most of your Facebook page, or if you’re doing it all wrong, then there are plenty of SEO companies out there who can help you to create a fantastic page that will add so much to your website. Speak to the experts and find a company who can make you shine on Facebook.

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