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What Makes a Good Tweet?

Here in Cleveland, if there’s one thing we know, it’s that you have to work hard to achieve success. There’s no doubt that trying to run an online business is not for those who want an easy or straight forward life! It seems that the internet is developing in a way that almost automatically creates more work for the online entrepreneur. Of course, if you want to keep up then it’s always going to be a case of doing what others do, and at the moment that really does mean throwing yourself headlong into social media. Many larger sites are leading by example and are finding their voice across dozens of different platforms. As a small business you might not be able to do this, but it’s always going to be beneficial to focus on the top few social media platforms and making sure you are active, as well as being efficient in the way that you post.

Twitter is a great way to communicate with your consumers or website users. It’s easy to use, and the fact that you are limited to 140 characters often means that you don’t have to take forever to put up a post. However, just because you can choose to go for a short tweet, doesn’t mean that you can allow the standard of what you tweet drop. The higher quality your tweets, the better response you will enjoy, and eventually, the better you will benefit your business.
The first thing to consider is what your followers are interested in. Listen before you tweet.

Secondly, don’t be afraid to add your own insights when you are retweeting. Add something to what you are sending out in the world again. If you think it’s worth retweeting then great, but add value and attach a little of your own personality into the retweet. It’s also important to remember to act like an individual, not a company. Sure, you can talk about the company, and offer professional insights, but make sure you don’t come across like a wooden corporate plank of wood! Breathe some life and personality into your tweets!

Of course, it’s equally important to make sure you try to increase your following on Twitter. Creating high quality tweets is one way, but you can do other things to increase the number of followers you have. One such way is to make sure you yourself are following the right people.

Try to follow people who are regarded as influencers, and look out for significant people in your field of business. You should try to tweet during important events related to your niche, and use the event hashtag to get yourself noticed.

Of course, it can be very difficult to define a good tweet, but it’s all common sense really. Make sure what you are tweeting is audience appropriate, avoid any cheesy product sales pitches, tweet things that can easily be retweeted, and make sure it makes sense from the perspective of your overall social media strategy. To assess whether you are indeed producing good tweets right now, there are a few things you can look at. Are you being retweeted? Are you reaching your audience? Are you getting significant numbers of click throughs? (You can assess this through a URL shortening service such as

All of this can be difficult, and as you might imagine, a lot of people rely on an SEO company to take care of their social media strategy. You are sure to be able to find a Cleveland SEO specialist who can control as much or as little of your Social media output as you require. How much of this you deal with yourself is down to you, but if you’re going to deal with your own social media strategy, get ready for a lot of hard work!

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