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What Kind of Online Advertising is Best for Seasonal Specials?

With that in mind, the team at Net Profit Marketing has composed this simple guide to online advertising for seasonal specials. Below, we’ll outline the two best types of advertising methods that you should be using before your next seasonal release.

Digital marketing is a complex industry that requires both expertise and finesse. Every type of advertising campaign presents unique challenges that must be met with proven solutions. Marketing your seasonal specials and product releases can be particularly difficult.

Best Online Advertising Methods for Seasonal Items

Like many other forms of marketing, advertising seasonal goods requires a multi-faceted approach. Generally, we recommend leveraging both organic traffic and paid ads so that you can optimize your seasonal sales.

Organic Traffic

In order to draw in organic traffic, you need to adhere to SEO best practices. While this includes incorporating specific keywords into your content, the best practices are a bit more involved than that. You will also need to ensure that your website loads quickly.

Next, you need to acquire high-quality backlinks. A backlink occurs when another reputable website links to your blogs or service pages. Developing backlinks takes time, so you need to start developing relationships with partner sites long before it is time to launch your seasonal product.

Paid Ads

Paid search is an excellent way to increase site traffic rapidly. However, relying solely on paid search is not a sustainable business model. The amount of paid search that you should engage in will vary in accordance with your overall marketing budget.

All businesses should amp up their ad spending a few days before their seasonal product releases. This will start generating more buzz around your brand and encourage consumers to visit your site.

If possible, keep your paid ad spending slightly elevated a few weeks after your seasonal products are available for purchase, too, to sustain a steady influx of customers.

How Should I Promote My Product?

There are several different promotional tactics that you can incorporate into your paid ads and organic traffic marketing campaigns. The right strategy for your company will depend largely on the types of products or services that you offer.

Some of our favorite promotional methods include:

Exclusive Offers

If you plan to sell items from your usual product lineup, but you want to drastically increase seasonal sales, then exclusive offers might be the right strategy for you. Consumers will eagerly spend their hard-earned cash if they believe that they are “saving money.” A site-wide seasonal discount is a common example of an exclusive offer.

Limited Time Offer

Instead of offering discounted prices on all of your products, you could market using a limited time offer (LTO). This tactic creates a sense of urgency in the mind of your target audience.
For instance, you could offer free shipping on 4th of July weekend for orders that exceed a certain purchase minimum.

Flash Sale

Flash sales rely on the same concept as LTOs but have a much smaller purchasing window. Throughout your target season, implement flash sales on a few of your less popular items. Customers that are already on the site will be drawn towards these “savings opportunities” and will be more prone to add these select items to their cart.

Seasonal Marketing Solutions from Net Profit Marketing

If you need some help ramping up seasonal sales next quarter, Net Profit Marketing is up to the task. We offer a wide variety of marketing solutions including PPC and SEO campaign management services. Our experts will help you leverage the power of paid ads and organic search to generate high-quality leads and boost conversions.

Net Profit Marketing offers a free, no-obligation consultation so that you can find the best combination of services for your organization. Contact us today and let our team take your brand to new heights with world-class marketing services.

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