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Web Designer vs Web Developer

Web Designer vs DeveloperIndividuals that can create a website for you are usually broken down into two categories: Web Designers and Web Developers. The differences in these individuals is critical to understand when deciding on who to select for a new website design or website redesign. Gathering requirements for your website and deciding what functionality and what type of design you would like will help you decide who you need.

Web Designer

A good Detroit web designer can create an amazing design for your company. You should expect good creative ideas, a clean front-end of your website, and good front-end functionality. My experience with really good web designers is that they are great with concepts and design but may be lacking in technical coding or any knowledge of SEO. They also usually don’t know business concepts very well so they may struggle with helping you create a very effective business website. If all you need is a pretty front-end website, this choice would work out well.

Web Developer

Selecting a good Detroit web developer will help ensure that your site is coded correctly, it’s optimized for performance, and it includes all of the back-end functionality that your company needs. Many web developers also have a good handle on the technical aspects of SEO, which can help your website get good rankings. Web developers, however, usually aren’t the most creative when it comes to front-end design. You end up getting a very functional website but it may leave something to be desired on the actual look and feel for your visitors. As with web designers, most web developers don’t have a good handle on business so you may not get the best business functions for your website.

Web Design Company

Your best bet is to select a reputable Detroit web design company that can pull together both web designers, web developers, and business experience to create your website. Having a company that has specific people for specific activities in the website development process will help ensure that you get a more balanced website. There should be a good balance of great design with functionality and there should also be an overarching view from a business perspective to make sure you’re meeting your online business goals. By selecting a web design company, you’re also going to reduce your chances of being frustrated with the design process and lack of measurable results.

Now I may have talked about extremes in web designers and web developers but the traits are still there whether they’re as extreme or not. You also have to be careful when selecting a web design company as not all companies have a good mix of designers, developers, and business knowledge. I’ve created a free report on how to select a web design company that provides you with some good steps to take when interviewing different providers. Let me know what you think about it.

Jared Pomranky

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