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Ways to Generate Leads for Your Blog

Google swears that it is the content that ensures the audience that you are looking for. Generating new readers to your blog is only going to happen with quality content. Excellent content can cause +1s through Google+, or the sharing through many of the social media sites. These “likes” are what will generate new leads. There are several ways to help generate leads on your blog.

Useful and Desirable Content
Constantly producing great content can help your blog to be noticed. There are people that return to blogs that cause them to become well known. The hardest question is what is useful and desirable content? Content should be designed to empower your readers. The content needs to teach, or solve, or guide a negative situation, anything that can help educate a reader can empower them.

Ask yourself a few questions:

  • What will my readers get from this?
  • What problem can this content help readers solve?
  • Have I soothed my audience to reduce fear of content?

Content, Content, Content
The amount of time you spend writing will directly affect your SEO needle. It will never retain your readers with only one post a month or a week. You will need to write content, content, content.

One single article will not spark a waterfall of viewers without continually adding to the more content. Writing regularly and consistently for extended periods of time is what will have your readers coming back to see more. If you are unable to do it alone, never be afraid to ask for help with writing content.

It is important for your expectation to not be too high. Not every article will be a Pulitzer Prize winner, however bad content is not where you should head either. Be sure that every blog you write is something you are willing to put your name on.

Call to Action
It is important that while we are here to produce content we want to empower individuals. Inviting the readers to do something, to act out, or take a stand for whatever your content is about will increase your leads.

Having empowering content will help you to get repeat readers. A call to action will empower readers to share what they have learned from your content. Spreading the word from the CTA can increase your readers.

The Long Run
Blogging for leads is not something that is done fast and easy. It is time consuming, can be very challenging, and will take an extended period to achieve full success. Above all in order to keep your blog in for the long run you will need patience.

Following these steps will not make it perfect nor will it make it any easier. These ideas can only help you to generate a slow change over the next few months. Word of mouth will spread, your CTA will be noticed, and you will gain new traffic to your site. New traffic will lead to new leads, and those will gain you the customers you are wanting.

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