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Turn Clicks into Sales: How to Create Targeted Ads that Influence Consumers to Buy


How do you create ad campaigns that generate revenue? You develop compelling ads and make sure the right people see them. That means mastering the arcane art of ad targeting. By targeting your ads correctly, you can ensure maximum return on investment for your marketing dollar.

What Is Ad Targeting?

Ad targeting involves creating ads with a specific audience in mind, then using a variety of methods to ensure that audience views those ads. There are four major types of ad targeting:

  • Demographic — Targeting people for traits such as age, gender, or profession
  • Contextual — Making ad content that aligns with where it is displayed
  • Behavioral — Using previous online behaviors to determine which ads to show
  • Geotargeting — Showing ads to people within a previously defined location

There are two key parts to creating a targeted ad campaign. First, you have to decide who you want to target and which of the four tactical avenues outlined above you will use. Then you have to create ads that appeal to your chosen audience and fit your chosen medium.

Focus on the Future

There are currently four key ad targeting approaches, but changes to technical infrastructure might impact your targeting choices in the future.

Third-party cookies, long used to track users online, are being eradicated. This development will make it difficult to follow user behavior from one website to another. Now is a good time to start looking into privacy-friendly alternatives if you want to use behavioral ad targeting in the future.

Define Your Audience

Who are you going to target with your ads? Keeping your targeting options in mind, build a detailed customer persona. This persona will help you to create the ideal messaging and determine where you want your ads to show.

The more precise your targeting, the better. You can use this information to define your audience for search or social media ads.

Develop the Right Creatives

Search and social media platforms have the right algorithms to ensure your target audience sees your ad. It’s up to you to develop ad creatives that will appeal to that audience and get people to buy.

This development is where some competitive analysis comes in handy. Check out your competitors’ ads to see how they are reaching the same audiences, and use their work for inspiration. Don’t hesitate to experiment with a variety of ad types and formats. This experimentation will help you to engage audiences quickly and drive more conversions.

Analyze Your Results

Once your campaign launches, pay close attention to the results. Use the analytics tools available to you to track what’s performing well and what isn’t. Then, make changes to achieve better results.

Pinpoint Targeting with Net Profit Marketing

Targeted ads provide a better return on investment. You will pay far less for wasted impressions and clicks that never convert. The downside is that targeted advertising is complicated.

Brands that want to gain a competitive advantage know to work with targeted advertising experts like the professionals at Net Profit Marketing. Contact us when you’re ready to start planning your next ad campaign.

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