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Top Trends in Web Design in 2021

First impressions are everything, especially when it comes to your website. We’re all inundated with content from advertisers who are vying to capture our attention. So if you want your e-Commerce business to cut through the noise and reach more consumers, you need to be able to grab viewers’ attention and keep them engaged with your content.

Regardless of the industry that you’re in, there are certain key elements that your website design should incorporate. These should include an easy-to-use layout, aesthetically pleasing graphics and fonts, and all of the relevant information that’s necessary to be able to tell the story of your brand.

Here are the top trends we’re seeing in web design for 2021:

Emphasis on Minimalism and Maximalism 

Minimalist web design emphasizes the famed “less-is-more” approach. All excess design elements are stripped away, and instead, the layout is focused on simplicity. Though this kind of design isn’t as flashy as others, it can still make a huge impression on audiences.

On the other hand, maximalism takes a much different approach. It embraces a more youthful layout. There is less concern about following traditional design rules, and instead, value is placed on creative expression. 

Does the idea of going bigger and bolder with your web design get you excited? You can develop a maximalist website by incorporating elements like larger fonts, overlapping visuals, floating components, and more. Just be sure to integrate these features intentionally and avoid overwhelming your visitors.

Asymmetric Layouts

Symmetry is the most natural thing that we gravitate towards when arranging various visual elements on a website. But in 2021, this concept is being completely flipped on its head. This year, designers are shaking things up and moving from symmetrical to asymmetrical layouts. 

There are several advantages to this approach, including more design freedom and a more unique layout that visitors will remember.

Using Videos as Design Elements

 Do you have a promotional video or compelling interviews that you want to highlight on your website? This year, videos aren’t just for informational purposes. They’re now being used in more exciting ways. 

You can add them to the background of your homepage and play them automatically or on a loop. You can even crop your videos into interesting shapes and add them as floating elements on your site. 

Web Design Animation 

You can do so much more with your web design to create a unique user experience. One way to do this is to incorporate animation that can capture the attention of your visitors and leave a lasting impression. 

This looks amazing and can also be used to draw attention to a specific call-to-action feature. Trigger animation, for example, changes the appearance of an element when the user performs a specific action. 


Accessibility is important because it ensures that everyone who visits your website can engage with your content. In terms of design, this might mean the use of strong, contrasting colors, larger fonts, and crisp, clear imagery to make your website simple to navigate.

You can also add “alt” text on the back-end for your images to ensure that users with poor vision can still get relevant information about the things displayed on your site as needed. 

When you want your marketing to be done right, starting with your website can be a great idea. Take advantage of the top trends in web design in 2021 and get the year off to a strong start!

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