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Top Tools for a Responsive Design

Right at the outset, I’d like to caution you that my list does not include any point-and-click design tools. I don’t want to get into the nitty-gritty -– in plain terms, they’re good for nothing; from designers, clients, to coders, they agonize everyone.

I am not questioning the capability of these programs in terms of quality of code output; I praise them for they make designing look “too easy”. What I feel is that these programs are good – but have a big drawback: they don’t give the users room to explore and expand. Rather, they curb their creativity…their brilliance.

In the real sense a workflow is tailored to the web if it adopts the basic concepts and technologies upon which the web is founded. In addition to an adjustable layout, a design should have the capability to make information accessible to an variety of people. For that, you need to write code – and programs like Edge Reflow are simply incompetent in this situation.

Tools that help you to adapt and utilize web technologies – and write quality code more efficiently, are the tools that coders and designers should look for.

Can’t Miss Tools for Responsive Design
Your browser
A browser is a useful tool to have around when you want to ascertain how your website looks under certain conditions. I believe that designing in the browser is more beneficial than using an image editor like Photoshop. Image editors can create sleek pictures, but cannot mirror real-life experiences. Browser helps design great-looking websites, while image editors are good for editing images.

Google Drive’s drawing app
Why Google Drive’s drawing app has an edge over others:

  • Google has no match when it comes to sharing your information. A few stand-out features that make it my favorite are contextual commenting, on-the-go editing, plus Hangout integration.
  • Taking dimensions of each object you insert into the document, the app create guides in every drawing document. Thus, it enables users to render uniformly-sized elements in the documents.

Style Prototypes
Style Prototypes are a new responsive design deliverable that allow clients to get a visual synopsis of how their website’s s typography, color, and UI elements will look. These prototypes are designed for viewing in a web browser – so result in building a consistent website look and feel.
Responsinator is an awesome tool that displays your website at disparate sizes. It emulates, at the basic level, several dissimilar device sizes and contexts. Responsinator gives a visual approximation of your website’s looks in contexts completely contrasted to a desktop or laptop monitor. This web app displays several device silhouettes in quick succession – so I count it as one of my favorites.

The tools hand-picked by me can get you started. They perform certain specific functions to help you design awesome-looking, user-friendly responsive sites. Plus they give you the power to use your creativity to the full. And most importantly they don’t limit what you can do.

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