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Top Brand Messaging Strategies for B2B Companies


Any organization will benefit from a solid branding strategy. When a business takes the time to build its brand, it creates a reputation in its industry sector. Customers will begin recognizing it by name and making specific assumptions about its products based on its messaging.

However, brand messaging differs for organizations that sell to other businesses rather than individual consumers. As such, a B2B company must take a different approach to reach its target audience. Certain marketing methods that might work for a consumer audience aren’t as likely to succeed with other businesses.

With that in mind, here are a few strategies to consider if you’re seeking to improve your brand messaging as a B2B organization.

Build Credibility in Your Industry

Authority is important to any organization, especially if it’s new. It’s even more crucial for B2B organizations since businesses typically don’t respond as well to social media marketing as B2C consumers. Instead, businesses want to work with organizations known for their professional, reliable products. To build authority, you should prioritize creating professional content, such as articles and whitepapers.

Outside of written content, executives must participate in industry conferences and interviews. The more positive press you can get concerning your products and company, the better. Depending on the type of product or services you sell, you might consider providing free samples to eligible customers and asking them for a written review.

When businesses see other sellers as competent, authoritative, and credible, they’ll be more likely to purchase from them.

Have an Impressive Product

Businesses typically do much more research on a product or service before purchasing than consumers do. After all, the purchases a business makes will usually directly affect its ability to serve its customers and provide its own quality products and services.

For instance, if a manufacturing company purchases a machine from another business, they understandably expect it to perform as promised. If the device fails and they can’t create their product, they will disappoint their clients, who won’t be able to buy what they need.

A company marketing its product to other businesses must ensure that it suits its client’s needs. Otherwise, they risk losing their customers (and other future clients).

Keep Messaging Consistent

Whenever a business customer thinks of your brand, they should associate it with specific phrases or terms. For instance, if your organization sells accounting software, words like “accuracy” and “efficiency” might be appropriate. You’d also want to emphasize unique features of your software, such as its capability to make payroll a breeze or its ability to integrate with other programs the customer uses.

You’ll want to use the same consistent terms whenever you publish content or feature your product. Over time, your customers will associate your brand with those phrases.

Building a B2B Marketing Strategy Isn’t Easy

If you’re trying to create a B2B marketing strategy, Net Profit Marketing can help. We’ve assisted many clients with their B2B messaging, allowing them to grow and expand their customer base. Reach out to us today to learn more about our B2B services.

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