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Top 9 Google Easter Eggs

Google is known for having some very talented programmers and they from time to time have produced some very interesting and humorous Easter Eggs for people to find when making searches. There are many different Google Easter Eggs and everyone has their favorite but here are nine that you might like to try for your self is you have a spare few seconds.

Barrel Roll
This is an interesting little Easter egg that is accessed by going to the Google search page and typing “Do a Barrel Roll”. The page will rotate through 360 degrees. This works on current and many previous versions of the Chrome and Firefox browsers but not on Internet Explorer.

Zerg Rush
If you want a quick few minutes of fun then type in “Zerg Rush” in the Google search window. This will start a series of gold and red zeros that will attack the search results on the screen. You can destroy the attacking zeros by clicking on them. This worked on all tested browsers.

Conway’s Game of life
When you do a search for “Conway’s game of life” it starts an on screen simulation of the cellular automaton that the mathematician described. It is known as a zero player game because it runs without any input and its results come from its initial state.

This Easter egg displays a Christmassy skyline and an animated Santa’s sleigh across the top of the screen. You can access this effect by just typing in ‘Christmas’ to make the background and animation appear.

Searching for the word “tilt” in Google will return a list of results and also tilt the screen slightly. This worked with all of the browsers we tested it with.

Bacon Number
If you have not heard about a Bacon number it is the number of people steps that an actor is from Kevin Bacon. This means that a person that has appeared in a film with Bacon has a Bacon number of 1. A person that has appeared in a movie with another person that has appeared in a film with Kevin Bacon has a Bacon number of 2. To find out an actor’s bacon number simple enter their name followed by “bacon number” and Google will return the number and list of people steps.

Atari Breakout
When you are on the Google search page by clicking on Images and searching for “Atari breakout” and you will be taken to a fully playable version of breakout. Each block is actually an image search result that has been placed into the game.

The Google Earth program has an interesting chatterbot Easter egg. In the Mars area you can do a search for “Meliza” and you can chat with the Martian version of an ELIZA natural language program.

If you are a fan of the J.R.R. Tolkien books and movies then you should definitely look up the directions from Rivendell to Mordor. When you click on the walking button it comes up with “Use caution – One does not simply walk into Mordor” a famous line from the movie Fellowship of the Ring.

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