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The View From Detroit: SEO Should Go Natural or Go Home!

With so many businesses setting up in Detroit in the last few years there’s bound to be a temptation to really push the envelope in terms of marketing your business. Sure, you want to get ahead of your competitors, you want to be the cream that rises to the top — but you have to remember that the first things that rise to the top are the ones that get skimmed off! You want to be what floats naturally to the surface.

Let’s look at the online side of a new business in our area. We all know that people are clamouring these days to be number one in Google’s page results for your chosen key phrases. It makes sense to be number one right? Of course it does, but someone who employs black hat SEO techniques to get there is no different from the athlete that harnesses the super powers of illegal performance enhancing drugs to get there (lookin’ at you, Lance.) It may do the business in the early days, but there always comes a point where the overly potent competitor gets found out and gets disqualified.

The bottom line is that Google is so hot on any SEO techniques that fail to adhere to the latest updates’ demands. Your content has to be good, your links back to the site have to be realistic, and the overall appearance of your site better scream ‘all natural’, or you could be in trouble.

There is every reason to work hard to make sure you are well spotted on the internet, and enlisting the help of a Detroit SEO specialist is certainly something you should consider doing. The watch word is quality though. You should be looking for a company who is willing to work on your behalf, developing natural links back to your site to enhance your standing in the SERPS.

You should be looking for a company who wants to add quality content to your site – primarily because it helps with web rankings, but also because good content is something that is going to help your sites visitors. The incredibly simple rule of thumb for any website which is striving to appear natural (and this should be all sites) is to be natural. If you create good content that is relevant to your market, and if your site is quick to load and easy to use, and you simply offer a good service to the people who want to use your site, you will be rewarded.

With the right site and the right optimization, you will climb to the top of the tree soon enough. You might not be first to the top, but you will have a better chance of staying there than the people who were there before you.

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