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The View From Detroit: SEO Consultants Are Better For Business

detroit seo consultants businessAll over Detroit right now, I’m seeing an interesting phenomenon. It’s probably been going on since the dawn of time, but I’m just noticing it for the first time myself. People have often talked about being “too close to a problem” to be able to solve it — but what I’m seeing is people being “too close to a brand” to be able to appreciate it. My Detroit SEO business has had several interviews with potential clients recently wherein I’ve heard some variation of “We think this needs to change, but we don’t have a very good reason why.”

The common thread between these people is that they have ceased to be the audience for their own brand. They interact with their own product or service or company so closely every day that it’s stopped being about bringing a quality whosiewhatsit to their client base and started being about the everyday grind of running and/or being employed at a business.

This is precisely the wrong attitude to have toward your website, and it’s exactly why an outside SEO consultant is better for your business than someone who works under your umbrella every day of the year. When you stop being able to see your business from an outside perspective, you stop being able to serve the outsiders that are your client base.

“I’m bored” is crap design strategy. An outside SEO consultant can take your Web plan and see the ways in which it serves your customers best — whether that means producing high-quality content and putting it out on the social networks, or it means redesigning your websites to make them truer to your brand (while optimizing them for SEO value)

Outsiders need boring, to a degree: they need your brand to clearly be what they expect it to be, and not some arbitrary gimmick or stunt thought up by the latest bored insider. That’s why your web team deserves a good kick in the butt by a solid SEO outsider from time to time.

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