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The Importance of Paying Attention to the Post-Click Experience

It’s natural to assume that the main goal of PPC advertising is to get clicks with compelling, relevant, and well-placed ads that reach and engage your target audience.  While this is typically the mechanism of PPC advertising, getting clicks is just one of many potential goals.

In truth, all marketing and advertising efforts could accomplish a number of goals, from raising awareness (of your brand, your products, current promotions, etc.), to encouraging traffic, to resulting in all kinds of outcomes, including conversions like lead generation, social following and sharing, and ultimately, sales and ongoing patronage.  In order to accomplish these many outcomes, however, you need to pay attention not just to upticks in traffic linked to PPC, but the experience users have after they click an ad.

What happens when your PPC ad works, resulting in click-through to your homepage or landing pages?  How long does it take to redirect to your website?  How long does it take the landing page to load?  Do users find messaging consistent with the ad they just clicked or do they have to search for the information they’re interested in?

How easy and intuitive is navigation?  How easy is it to complete conversions?  Is your website attractive and engaging?  Are concise and compelling CTAs highly visible?  What about your website makes visitors want to stay and complete desired conversions after they click a PPC ad?

In case it isn’t obvious, the post-click experience is even more important than the PPC ad that brings visitors to your site.  Yes, you have to get people in the door, so to speak, but what will you do once you’ve got them?  Here are a few reasons why it’s so crucial to pay attention to the post-click experience.

Cater to Targeted Traffic

It’s said that one targeted visitor is worth a hundred randos.  Why?  Because it’s easier to convince a consumer that’s already looking for what you’re selling.  This is why it’s not only imperative that you thoughtfully create target consumer profiles, but that your landing pages mimic the content in your PPC ads.

Do not squander the opportunity offered by ushering a targeted shopper to your website.  If consumers can’t find what they’re looking for pretty quickly, they’re going to bounce, and you’ll miss out on transactions that were stacked in your favor.

Don’t Focus Solely on Traffic Volume

It’s true that PPC advertising is often intended to bring in more traffic, particularly new customers.  What is this worth?  Nothing, if you can’t generate further conversions because the back-end experience is somehow lacking.

Securing click-through is only step one of a multi-faceted process that involves impressing viewers, connecting with and audience, and facilitating further conversions.  If you’re too wrapped up in spending to generate more traffic, chances are you’re missing out on real opportunities to do something productive with any traffic you’re already getting.

Creating Value

As noted above, there are many goals wrapped up in marketing and advertising efforts.  To gain the most value from your efforts, you need to spend less and make more, to put it simply.  No matter how much money you throw at PPC, and no matter how much traffic results, you’re not going to see optimal returns if you fail to create a compelling post-click experience.  By splitting costs between PPC and post-click, you have the best opportunity to gain maximum value, even with fewer clicks.

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