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The Importance of Developing User Personas for Your Business

For business owners and brand specialists, knowing your customer base is crucial. Even more than that, knowledge pertaining to some of the finer details in their lives could lend a wealth of insight into their purchasing decisions and habits. To this extent, developing a comprehensive user persona will eventually grant you enough insight to develop a more strategized marketing campaign. Long term, this will enable you to target the right groups of customers more effectively. Short term, developing a user persona gives your customer an identity and helps you conceive products that appropriately address their desires. Obviously, user personas are an invaluable tool. For those unfamiliar with their benefits, here is a list of a few reasons why user personas are important for your business.

They Help You Understand Your Customer’s Interests
Imagining purchasing a Christmas gift for your parents or siblings. In the process of selecting a gift you imagine their wants and needs, making your selection based on sensations derived from the images in your mind. User personas are remarkably similar, except rather than knowing the person, knowledge is derived remotely from prior purchase information. Building a comprehensive user persona will enable you to understand what your customers desire. Consequently, you can then effectively utilize these insights to effectively market content to a target audience. Further, any future content you create can be based around the information acquired from each user persona.

They Help You Generate Better Leads
After developing user personas for enough customers in certain regions, you should be able to develop an idea concerning how to reach similarly-minded customers in different geographic locations. In other words, you will be able to generate more effective leads. All information collected can be used cultivate a personal connection via email marketing. This will afford the ability to create better nurturing programs geared towards improving leads, ultimately attracting higher quality customers to your business.

They Improve Future Product Development
Aside from improving leads and customer quality, aptly-developed user personas will allow you to interface more effectively with customers and give you the insight necessary to create future products that address their needs and wants. This can also result in higher customer retention, especially in the long run, as your business will be consistently releasing products that align with your customer base’s fluctuating desires. The user persona itself can be used to make effective recommendations to your product development team so they can subsequently develop the products your customers require.

They Help Maintain Consistency
User personas create a diversified profile of each group of customers that interact with your company. This kind of information is pure gold to a sales team. For example, suppose a lead is identified as a particular persona, your sales team will then be able to customize their pitch towards that specific user profile. By the time they converse with that specific lead, they will already have a wealth of insight about their purchasing proclivities, affording them an extra tool for closing the sale.

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