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The Biggest Email Marketing Trends For 2019

It’s a brand new year, which means new email marketing tactics. Rather than following tired fads, 2019 is all about honing a classic subscriber-centric strategy. Brands are increasingly putting the customer’s journey at the forefront of their email marketing strategies. Accomplishing this goal in an effective manner requires a fair amount of insight from the customer relationship management (CRM) team and head email marketer.

Interested in learning more? For your convenience, here is a list detailing some of the biggest email marketing trends in 2019.

Automation And Personalization Go Hand-In-Hand

Automation and personalization are the dream team of 2019 email marketing trends. Automatic email campaigns are can be set up and subsequently triggered by a customer’s behavior. For example, if a customer fails to complete checkout within an allotted timeframe they will receive an email featuring the specific items in their cart, as well as the option to return and finalize their order.

This is a perfect example of why it is so important to siphon the right data from your customers’ information. Doing so allows your email marketers to create a personalized experience across the board, which improves customer satisfaction and increases retention. Beyond all that, it allows you to develop a cohesive strategy of sending automated emails without spamming your customers.

Artificial Intelligence

It’s no secret that marketers have access to more customer data than at any previous point in history. The catch is they don’t necessarily know how to make sense of it. Several recent studies show that nearly half of all marketers do not possess a cohesive understanding of their customer data. And considering that the volume of available customer data is increasing by the day, these inefficiencies will eventually impact your bottom line at some point.

Fortunately, artificial intelligence is on the scene and ready to make life easier by spotting trends and drawing correlations between them. So rather than go through the motions of hiring several employees to manually sift through data, which would then also be subject to human error and require further verification, why not use AI to monitor subscriber health and free up your teams for other endeavors?

Social Media Design

Today’s marketers are paying close attention to social media, a domain where a solid chunk of their subscribers frequently interact. Social media is an information goldmine when it comes to ascertaining what kinds of content get the most traction with particular groups, what your subscribers are interacting with, and what factors drive conversion.

Next time you’re on Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest, pay close attention to how each site allows users to like and comment on posts, as well as how they facilitate purchases. Identifying what visual factors incentivize customers to take action and integrating them into your email design will simultaneously ensure a unified voice and a consistent visual language.

All in all, 2019 is shaping up to be the year of the customer. Rather than a “trend”, think of these implementations as strategies that will help you build more personalized relationships with the people who support your business.

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