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Should Press Releases be a Part of Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

In the world of marketing, as in other spheres, trends come and go, and often return.  Consider, for example, local marketing.  As the internet grew in popularity, businesses heady with the rush of unfettered access to a global audience began casting incredibly wide nets to bring in all those fish.

Unfortunately, competition grew rapidly and it became pretty hard to be heard above the clamor, so to speak.  Businesses reassessed and realized they needed to campaign closer to their own ponds before attempting to cruise international waters.  They gave up on generic keywords and tags in favor of geo-centric phraseology that would speak to local clientele.

Press releases have taken a similar turn.  As new methods of online and inbound marketing became preferential to old-school tactics, businesses gave up on print and broadcast advertising, including the use of press releases.  However, there’s no reason why businesses can’t dabble in all kinds of marketing to reach different audiences and accomplish goals.

While you naturally have limited resources that dictate your marketing strategy, you should know that there are plenty of reasons to reincorporate press releases into your digital marketing strategy.  Here are a few you that could change the way you feel about these informative communiques.

They’re Free

That caught your attention.  Free advertising is always a good thing, so you can’t afford to overlook the totally free nature of press releases.  Back in the day, you may have had to pay to send out press releases, but now you simply hit send to email them off.

Yes, someone has to spend time creating the content, but press releases follow specific formatting rules, which means you can work from a company template, saving you time.  In addition, this form of information dissemination is structured to deliver only factual data.  You don’t have to spend time enhancing your message with flowery prose – you just have to deliver the facts.

Are you launching a new product or service?  Write out the what, when, where, and how of it and your press release is basically ready to go.  Just send it off to media outlets and allow them to write up their own take, essentially doing the work of personalizing the story for their own audience on your behalf.

You Decide What to Provide

When creating content for a press release, you have the option to add extras that can benefit you in a variety of ways.  For example, you can add quotes from company execs or industry experts to increase authority and put a personal face on otherwise dry data.

You can also include backlinks, such as a link to your homepage and landing pages related to your press release, urging viewers to visit for further information.  When digital media outlets include these links with stories, it can boost your SEO and create an uptick in site traffic.

Press releases can be a great way to reach a wider audience, build relationships with online media platforms by providing timely and relevant content, and generally expand your online presence.  The fact that they’re free and they give you the opportunity to control brand messaging is really the icing on the cake.

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