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Schema markup: what it is and how to can improve your SEO

If your organization is looking to boost its search visibility, then schema markup for SEO can help you accomplish this goal. Schema SEO gives search engines detailed information to better understand the content on your website. Think of it as code associated with a website that makes it easier for users to find relevant search engine results. Understanding schema markup means that your website has a better chance of ranking for more relevant phrases. 

This important tool also allows companies to gain an edge over the competition by enhancing their search listings with information that is more relevant to a specific search query. Why is this important? Because schema generates higher organic click-through rates for your webpages.

How Schema Improves SEO

Schema is a group of data tags that you can add to your webpage code to provide more details about its content. When applied, those tags let search engines:

More clearly understand the content on your page. How well your webpage ranks depends on whether or not the search engine can match a query to relevant content on your page. The easier you make it for Google to understand your content, the greater the chance that content will rank higher in SERPs for related queries. 

This is especially important since more and more people are using voice search. A structured markup ensures you are providing the search engine with the information it needs to interpret the content on your webpages.

Schema then uses the data to improve your search engine listings in SERPs. It then displays that information in the form of rich snippets that are listed directly under the listing’s title. This is key in ensuring that your listing stands out. Ratings and reviews for your website listed as rich snippets are also social proof for customers to use during their search process.

How to Use Schema Markups

There are four types of schema markups:

  1. Breadcrumb Markup – This type of schema helps your website create breadcrumb-rich snippets.
  2. Organization Schema Markup – This helps enhance brand signals and improves the appearance of the site’s snippet in the SERPs. Microsoft and Google prefer to see that there has been confirmation of the information included in the structured language. 
  3. Site Navigation Schema Markup – This tool helps search engines better recognize your site and its navigational features. It can also influence more organic site-links to drive up click-through and conversion rates.
  4. Website Schema Markup – Are you looking to improve the presence of your website in search results? Website schema markup creates semantic tags that inform search engines about your content.

How Do I Implement Schema?

There are several ways to introduce schema into your SEO strategy. If you are familiar with HTML code, you can use Google’s Structured Data Markup Helper. Once you’ve decided on the format for your data structure, you only need to enter your URL and start tagging!

An easier solution is to use plugin-ins that let you apply schema to your website.

SEO plays a major role in determining how well your website performs. Be sure to monitor for emerging trends, understand which keywords are relevant, and keep track of other changes that could affect your digital marketing efforts.

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