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Redesigning Your Website: Secrets To A Better Web Design

Redesigning your website can be a tricky job, especially if you have no idea where to start. Most people tend to rebuild their entire website with their hopes to make it more appealing to their audience. However, in some occasions, rebuilding your website from scratch is not the most effective and cost-efficient way. It might be a good idea to know first the factors that make a good web design before doing the actual redesigning, as you might be able to save some money and efforts by just doing some modifications.
Check out the following tips in redesigning your custom web design. Try some of these changes on your site and see if they will benefit you.

Make Your Navigation Bar Concise
Navigation bars should make it easier for your visitors to browse your site. Having too many subsections on a single category will make it hard for your prospects to look for the page that they want to view. You might want to reorganize the headings on your navigation bar. Proper categorization is a good way to start. Identify each page on your site and categorize them into groups. Also, you can keep the most commonly used menus on a single heading on your navigation bar to make it more convenient for your regular visitors.

Be Innovative With Your Shopping Cart
Believe it or not, customers and prospects get fascinated with innovative shopping cart designs. It can easily captivate their interest especially if they haven’t seen anything like that on other websites. Perhaps you can generate your own concept for your shopping cart to make it more appealing to your audiences. You can also try to reinvent some interesting shopping cart designs that you saw on other e-commerce websites. Try to make your shopping cart as unique as possible to also aid in your branding strategies.

More Responsive Website
Do you know that every second delay on your website’s loading time can cost you 7% of your conversions? –This is according to Your business website aims to get as high of a conversion rate as possible, naturally, so you might want to work out on that loading speed. The most common cause of this problem is web design that is overly complicated. You can start making your web design simpler as it will make it easier for your page to load on different web browsers.

Create Powerful Branding
Branding is one key factor that most startups forget. Complementing your web design with strong branding will make it easier for your previous visitors to remember your site. It may lead to more frequent visits on various pages within your site, which will also benefit your SEO. One important aspect of a powerful brand is its logo — it’s important to come up with a logo that correlates with your business. The name of your website will also significantly contribute to your branding strategies. Perhaps you could also create a tag line to make it more effective. Your business name, logo, and tag line must be catchy so that people can easily remember your brand whenever they need to search you on Google.

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