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Reasons to Hire an Internet Marketing Firm

detroit internet marketing firmWhether you are an entrepreneur or the CEO of a Fortune 500, your need for internet marketing is a foregone conclusion.  A digital marketing agency can serve as a replacement for – or a supplement to – your in-house promotional team.  Utilizing the services of an experienced firm has many benefits that render it superior to the option of marketing from within.

Increased Traffic and Sales
The first goal of your internet marketing agency is to increase your web traffic and ultimately your sales.  Many webmasters make the mistake of thinking that if they can increase traffic, sales will naturally occur as a byproduct.  There is little truth to this notion, or at the very least it is incomplete.  The truth of it is that your traffic is only valuable when it is targeted and is followed up with tried and true techniques to drive sales.

An internet marketing firm that is qualified and experienced excels in this area with flying colors.  You can expect an increase in relevant traffic featuring visitors who are squarely in the center of your core demographic.  But more importantly, you will see sales numbers beyond what you may have even anticipated when you work with a competent firm for an extended period of time (6 months or more).

Creating a public image is an intangible, but by no means entirely abstract.  There are recognized techniques that can brand your business, and some of those techniques can convert sales simultaneously.  PPC is a perfect example of this.  Pay per Click advertising is powerful when done correctly but is quite easy to do incorrectly.  An internet marketing firm can help ensure that your ad copy and placement are calculated and keep your cost-per-click to a minimum.  They can also ensure that your visitors’ initial response clicks are followed up with a substantial clickthrough rate.

Branding comprises elements like brand strategy, brand naming, brand launch planning, brand positioning/repositioning, brand messaging, logos, corporate identity, design of graphical user interface (GUI), website design, slogans and more.  As you can see, this alone makes the investment in firm enlistment worthwhile.

An Internet Marketing Firm is specialized in their Trade
Your promotions team in-house may be familiar with a few marketing techniques, but they are by no means an experienced firm that has marketed and tested campaign strategies for thousands of clients.  Internet marketing is what a specialized firm does day-in and day-out.

An internet marketing firm can apply the latest bleeding-edge techniques using tools your in-house team may be simply unaware of.  A standalone firm can meld SEO, SMO, LSO and PPC into one cohesive campaign.  They can use analytics and other metrics to improve your performance in ways you never thought possible.  They can also report to you with detailed statistics on the progress of your marketing on an ongoing basis.

An Internet Marketing Firm Cares About Your ROI
How does an internet marketing firm stay in business?  Obviously, they have to execute measures that constitute major returns on your marketing investment.  Otherwise, the firm knows you’ll bounce.  To prevent that, they will be actively pursuing Conversion Optimization to make sure your website visitors do not bounce (via Bounce Rate reduction) before making a purchase or performing other desired actions.

Internet marketers can ensure your visitors become increasingly likely to make a purchase and become loyal customers for you.  They do so using compelling content, savvy methodology, and other proven approaches.

The Comprehensive Package Offered by an Internet Marketing Firm Spells Major Results for You
They can also tend to your email marketing, social media, interactive marketing, web design and web development.  An internet marketing firm can build and monitor every aspect of your branding, sales, and even assist in developing a marketing budget and achieving ROI.  In effect, they greatly multiply the strength of your business model.

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