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Push and Pull Marketing: The Key to Knowing When to Use Each

Strategic marketing requires the intelligent use of available tools and resources. Creating awareness of your brand means both drawing in new customers with interesting links and putting your brand directly in front of the public to create awareness.

“Push and Pull” marketing allows you to strategically deliver targeted advertisements to the end-user, creating exposure for your brand.

When to Use Push Marketing

Push marketing involves the use of direct advertising and messaging to put your brand directly in front of the consumer. This type of marketing attempts to engage customers who are already interested in your product.

Use push marketing to display new products, create promotions, or reach out to new markets.

Advertising Existing Products

When a company wants to advertise its product, push marketing is a great solution for putting it directly in front of the customers. Push marketing gives clients a line of sight to your products and allows you and your company to communicate launch dates, prices, and locations more effectively.

Displaying Promotions

Push marketing can be used to display products and promotions in high-traffic areas, both in the real world and online. If you’re launching a new product, having a sale, or simply wanting people to know when and where your items are sold, push marketing is the way to go.

Reaching New Markets

Push marketing is effective in helping businesses reach out to new markets. If your brand is already well-known, push marketing can be used to let potential clients know your product or service will be available. The use of radio, online banners, and other advertisement streams let you reach out to more people than ever before.

When to Use Pull Marketing

Pull marketing uses information campaigns through social media, blogs, and SEO to create engagement and improve awareness. It’s a valuable strategy for both new and established companies to raise brand awareness at a lower cost and has less potential to create direct sales.

You can reach out to new clients, generate demand for your products, and build lasting partnerships with pull marketing.

Reaching Out to New Clients

For new or existing businesses looking to grow, pull marketing is perfect for raising awareness. You can tell your story and promote your vision while building loyalty and improving discoverability with pull marketing.

Create Demand

Pull marketing can generate excitement around a product, letting people know why they need it or why it’s important.

Blogs allow you to educate your audience about the product before it comes out, and popular products are often featured in articles and tech stories, letting you build a sense of culture around your brand while saving money on traditional advertising.

Building Partnerships

With pull marketing, businesses can build networks of information between partners.

The use of complex digital marketing and advertising lets you improve external relationships by working with third parties to help consumers discover new ideas and brands. If you partner with a business that targets a similar audience but doesn’t compete directly with yours, you can establish trust and create loyal clients.

Net Profit Marketing Understands Push and Pull

Is your business in need of better push and pull management? Net Profit Marketing creates marketing strategies tailored to fit your brand.

We are a leader in helping businesses grow. Our digital marketing campaigns use the most effective means to connect you with new and existing clients.

Know when to push and pull your campaign with Net Profit Marketing!

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