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Our Pick of the 7 Top Design Books That You Should Read

If you are studying or interested in design then here are some great design books that will add to your knowledge and help you better understand design concepts. They cover a wide range of areas broadly under the design umbrella so that no matter your interest a few at least should interest you.


1.      100 Ideas that Changed Graphic Design by Steven Heller

This is latest installment in the series of books that shows 100 ideas and how they change a particular discipline or industry. It loosely traces the history of change in graphic design and covers techniques, styles and methods and how they have progressed. It is a comprehensive and well written book that is accessible to anyone.


2.      The Anatomy of Type by Stephen Coles

If you ever wanted to know about fonts then this book about typefaces is perfect. It covers 100 typefaces including a full character set for each entry. One of the great features of this book is the information and explanation that shows you exactly how to identify the typeface that is being used. It includes a detailed history including who designed and manufactured them and when they were first available.


3.      Adaptive Web Design by Aaron Gustafson

Here is a book that contains practical tips on how to use HTML, CSS and JavaScript using the principle of progressive enhancement. The principals behind progressive enhancement and how to use them to improve the users experience as they access content on the internet are explained and many examples given.


4.      Content Strategy for the Web by Kristina Halvorson

Content is vital for your internet based business and unlocking the value of the content you have is fully explained in this comprehensive book. Having the right strategy will help to improve your business and ensure that the content produced, provides a cohesive and productive part of your businesses marketing direction.


5.      A Practical Guide to Designing for the Web by Mark Boulton

This book looks at the web design process from the graphical design viewpoint. It is full of practical information that can be incorporated by anyone that is involved in website design. It takes core graphic design principals and shows how they can turn your website design from something good to something stunning.


6.      Semiology of Graphics: Diagrams, Networks, Maps by Jacques Bertin

This is the English updated version of Bertin’s work that was first published in French 46 years ago. It is a landmark work in information design and is still highly relevant. It is in two parts, the first discusses principals and theories while the second part takes the theory into techniques and includes a huge number of diagrams and graphics.


7.      Typographic Web Design: How to Think Like a Typographer in HTML and CSS by Laura Franz

Making information understandable is one of the key goals of typography. Taking this through to web design the book explains how to use typographic theories to improve the functionality and legibility of your website. It shows how to pick the right fonts and how to display information, tables and grids so that they are easily understood.

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