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Optimizing Your Facebook Fan Page

The jury is out as to whether Facebook can continue to have such an impact on SEO. As far as social media goes, it’s still pretty much top dog, but history tells us that when something stops bring cool, it loses its appeal sometime soon thereafter. Things may be different with Facebook, since it has become so all encompassing, but we shall see. In the mean time, we need to be getting all we can out of it, so here are five great ways to enhance your Facebook fan page for the benefit of our friends at Google

  1. It’s all in the name. Well it’s not all in the name, but it is important! Forget stuffing it with keywords, because you don’t want it to sound spammy. Go for something that is specific to your niche and not too generic. And it’s also worth remembering that Google gives more juice to the first word in your fan title page, so let that guide your choice.
  2. About the Vanity URL! No, you’re not showing off, it’s just good SEO. After 25 likes, you qualify for a vanity URL. You might unfortunately find that another company has pinched the username that you might have liked. If that’s the case, then make sure you mention what your business is in the URL. The URL’s are significantly weighted by search engines, so your vanity URL needs to reflect ideally the most important aspect of your business.
  3. Backlinks. Just like a normal webpage, it’s very important that you have inbound links pointing to your page. Therefore, simply include links from your other fan pages from Twitter, your website, your blog site, or wherever it might be, to your Facebook fan page.
  4. Have a good keyword spread. Again, just like other websites, it’s important to have a good spread of keywords on your fan page. Naturally you don’t want to stuff your page with keywords. Steer away from spammy text, but think about the words you are using and try to focus on your core principles as a business and your keywords should flow naturally. Pay attention to the about section, your mission section, and the description section too. These sections are actually focused on as SEO elements. Local searches are often an important factor with smaller businesses, so be sure to have your full address here in Detroit feature prominently.
  5. Optimize your fan page updates. The first 18 characters of an update actually act as the Meta description, so you can really use this to your advantage. Your first words therefore are going to be regarded as your SEO title so choose carefully! Remember too that you can include a link to your website in your updates too, for a little extra juice!

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