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Get regular updates on the latest web design trends, social media, and of course, tips and tricks for successfully marketing your company and website. You can browse our extensive number of posts by category or you can simply check in on us when you have a question or curiosity. Send us a message if you have any questions.


Articles vs Blogs – Are They the Same?

Whatever product, service or personal reason you have to create a website, it all starts at one point. Great content. Without great content, it is difficult to stand apart from the crowd. This is especially true with business websites. How will you provide information to your readers and let them know that you’re an authority [...]


SEO Friendly Web Design – Keyword Placement

Using keywords and/or keyword phrases (these 2 terms will be used interchangeably throughout the article) is critical if you want your website to climb that all-important Google ranking system ladder that systematically crawls through your webpage’s looking to evaluate all your content. Know that keywords are a necessary and essential part of SEO, giving your [...]


Blog Your Way to More Leads

When you’re a website owner, one of your goals should be to bring in as much qualified traffic as possible. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques will help you get rankings but they need to be accompanied by good updated content. One way to provide this content is through your blog. Not only will it help [...]


Small Business Marketing Plans – Is Yours Working?

There are many components to effectively running a small business, and creating a marketing plan is definitely considered to be one of the most essential. A good marketing plan is meant to help you construct a way to help your business succeed by figuring out the best ways to promote and advertise your particular product [...]


Social Media Optimization (SMO) for Business

So you’ve been diligently doing your research in order to come up with the best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques that will allow your site to reach that all-important first page of Google. Great! SEO is definitely one of the best ways to get your site noticed and now that you’ve gotten the hang of [...]


Top 7 SEO Mistakes – Are You Guilty?

Although most people are familiar with the term Search Engine Optimization (SEO), it’s important to know that just because you are using a particular SEO strategy doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the right one: good SEO must be done right. Many people tend to make the mistake of thinking that they simply need to choose a [...]


Benefit From a Web Site Analysis

A Site Analysis can prove to be very beneficial to a particular website, as this type of review is meant to thoroughly examine a website in order to figure out if the website is living up to its full potential. There are a number of different factors that come into play here, with each one [...]


What is a Business Review Site?

The internet is more and more becoming quite the competitive place, making reviews all that much more important to a business. Review Sites are thus quickly becoming quite the trend as these sites are more and more being accepted by the buying community, which means that those who like to inform others of their buying [...]


Content Creation – A Few Tips

Writing content for your website is one of the most important aspects to creating a successful website. Why? Because most visitors will base their decision whether or not they are going to stay on your particular website within a few minutes, or less!, based on reading your website content. The trick is to thus give [...]


Is Mobile SEO Different Than Traditional SEO?

Did you know that there is currently a shift that shows people are beginning to use mobile searches more than desktop searches? This shouldn’t be too surprising as we bear witness to the recent explosion of mobile devices that are quickly becoming the norm when it comes to the internet. We all knew that mobile [...]

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